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Six Colors provides daily coverage of Apple, other technology companies, and the intersection of technology and culture. Its founder and editor in chief is Jason Snell. Follow us on Twitter at @bleedsixcolors.

Jason Snell
Jason was the lead editor for Macworld for more than a decade. During his time at Macworld, he covered every major Apple product release, including every version of OS X, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and much more. He's won awards for editorials, interviewed Steve Jobs and numerous other Apple executives, and plenty more. Jason left IDG in 2014 and founded Six Colors. He also writes a weekly column for Macworld.

You can email him at or find him on Twitter at @jsnell.

Dan Moren
Dan Moren
Dan Moren (photo by Andrew Widdowson)
Dan is the East Coast Bureau Chief of Six Colors. He and Jason worked together for many years at Macworld, where Dan finished his career as a Senior Editor and is now a freelancer writer, podcaster, and author. Together, Dan and Jason co-created the Clockwise podcast, of which Dan remains a regular host and Jason also appears from time to time. In addition to regular appearances on The Incomparable, Dan also co-hosts the tech podcast The Rebound.

You can email him at and find him on Twitter at @dmoren.