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Started by Rhcole, May 30, 2009, 02:35:10 PM

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After some prodding by other members, here is an MP3 demo of a Carvin SH-575 tuned Nashville style going into the VG-99. Note the following:

1. Where possible, I had no amps or processing. However, obvious synth voices had all kinds of junk mixed in.
2. Sequence is as follows: Nashville tuning, Strat detuned to regular guitar, 335 detuned to regular guitar, 12 string electric, various synth voices.

The guitars that are tuned to regular pitch demo what you lose in quality and authenticity when you tune up to Nashville. The 12 string shows the amazing quality of Nashville for authentic 12 string and other tunings. The synth demos show the different personality that a Nashville tuned guitar brings to the VG.

There are a zillion other ways to do this. I just plugged in and recorded off the top of my head.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks! Loved hearing the different examples while reading your list -- knowing what I was hearing helps a lot. Very interesting idea.

When you play the high-strung guitar into a Strat patch, virtually re-tuned to standard tuning, the low strings really do indeed sound like a clavinet. That could be very useful.

I haven't tried all wound strings, but I have a strong hunch that a wound G string would make the VG-99's bass modeling sound great. If I had two guitars with GKs, I'd slap a wound G on, maybe even all wound strings -- sorta the opposite to what you did. I'd expect lots of overtones, high harmonics. D---, I should get me a 2nd GK pickup.

BTW, are you using piezo pickup for this example? My guess is yes.


Very good indeed.  Thanks for elaborating on what we were hearing in the patch wise in the mp3...when you say "no amps or processing", what precisely did you have it set up for on the amp/preamp front?  Sorry, just curious even though it sounds obvious as to answer.  THanks again.  Mike



I simply switched everything off except the modeled guitars. That's only on the Strat, 335, and 12 string though. Everything else has the kitchen sink thrown in. The synth sounds were presents with the Nashville tuning and no other mods.


Hi Rhcole
Nice!!!! Is there a patch yet?


Rhcole-  Thanks man for doing this.  Indeed it does sound great, I have been in the process of moving otherwise I would have commented earlier.  However I think I will stick with normal tuning for the time being.  It does give one lots to think about.
Lots of Gear. :)


I'm writing this  on 9/8/2023.

This video just came out today.
Quite pertinent to the subject I think.
You decide.