Roland Sonic Cell vs. Fantom XR

Started by chipstar, May 06, 2009, 05:15:48 PM

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Hey Guys,
Does anyone have an opinion about these products as related to VG-99 use? Obviously, Sonic Cell is cheaper but perhaps the XR is more robust. I've definitely got the rack space for a Fantom XR but I've not tried either device to form an opinion. Thoughts?


Jim Williams

I hear the sonic cell has all the the same sounds as the Fantom XR plus some new stuff. You allso have the ability to play backing tracks via usb flash drive and it works great with any DAW.
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Assuming you don't need the 4 extra SRX expansion slots (the Sonic Cell has 2, the Fantom XR has 6) the biggest difference is that the Sonic Cell can play back SMF's, WAV files, AIFF files and MP3's and the Fantom XR cannot. The big plus with the XR is that is also a sampler so if you have some must have sounds that aren't covered by the built in sounds you have a way to get there. While the XR is larger keep in mind that it is rackmount and has a built in power supply so no need for a wall wart.


OK, I have just brought the Fantom XR ver 2 so now I have both.
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Let us know how you get on with it.  A Fantom XR with the FANUP1 upgrade for user sampling was on my list for a hardware sampler but I eventually picked up an EMU E5000.  The E5K is 3u which means I leave it in my studio whereas an XR might just sneak its way into my guitar rack.

Still not sure how I'm going to gig the SY1000.  Going for just using that and a computer and my Laney FRFR at the moment, might end up going 5 cable with my JMP1 to compete with the other guitarist ;-)
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