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GFI-Cabzues Stereo Cab Simulator
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Due to the limited nature of this product, any cancellation before actual ship date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Please note that the ship date is based on parts availability and may be extended without notice.

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Cabzeus is a speaker / cabinet simulator + DI Box pedal, based on sophisticated algorithmic processing. Connected direct to your gears this device enables you to obtain the sound of a miked-guitar amp cabinet without the hassle of doing so. Extending this basic function, we’ve built into Cabzeus a plethora of unique and powerful features that goes beyond simple speaker simulations.

Stereo I/O
Cabzeus has 2 independent channels, each with its own input, thru, and output. Using a special software that we provide you can freely customize the simulation aspects (speaker type, cabinet type, mic placement, etc.) of each channel independently. To help you get the most of your stereo setup, we have also included powerful stereo processing functions such as :

adding short delays (0.02 ms to 125 ms) to one of the channel
blending two simulation channels
independent volume and phase control
2 Operating Modes :

Stereo Cabs : simulates the process of close-miking two independent speaker cabinets. Each simulator channel has its own extensive set of parameters, including speakers and cabinet type selections, mic-placement , blending, phase, and volume, offering rich and versatile simulation scenarios for both live and direct-recording applications.
Stereo Mics : simulates the process of capturing the sound from a single speaker cabinet using two microphones, one mic is placed close to the speaker (close-mic) and the other is placed further back in the room (room-mic). An extensive set of controls offers flexible arrangements and powerful means to combine the two microphone signals into huge expansive stereo sounds.
Balance of Analog and Digital
Cabzeus uses advanced DSP processing techniques coupled with clean and robust analog circuit designs which ensures optimal operating headroom and absolutely minimal noise. Each algorithms has been painstakingly hand-crafted and tuned to achieve faithful emulation of popular and proven speakers and cabinets, we literally spent hundreds of hours analyzing speakers data and and equal amount of time reconstructing their responses through complex algorithms.

All the above mentioned algorithms customization schemes are performed in CabsLab software (free download), the results can then be stored as presets in Cabzeus. The presets (8 of them) can be called using the preset selector knob, an external switch, or a MIDI controller.

Speaker & Cab Selection
Speakers selections are organized into 4 classes : Guitar, Bass, Gears, and Miscellaneous.

cabzeus diagram
Integrated DI Box
You can connect a wide range of input sources, ranging from your favorite stompboxes, preamps, your head amp's speaker out, to any music player (see Application Ideas). Its stereo balanced outputs are capable of driving long cables straight to mixing console or FOH speakers. These outputs are tolerant to phantom power, they will not be damaged by accidental application of phantom power.

Key Features

Compact, stereo Speaker / Cabinet simulator + DI Box
2 inputs - 2 thrus - 2 outputs (balanced or unbalanced)
8 Presets
Input Pads : 0dB (unity), -20dB or -30dB
Independent Mic Position controls
Deep algorithms editing via CabsLab® software
MIDI and External Switch Inputs for remote preset change
Stereo headphone out with volume control
Internal charge pump circuitry boosts 9V supply voltage to 18V for extended headroom

Input impedance : 1 MOhm
Output impedance : 300 Ohm
Sampling rate : 48 KHz
DAC / ADC resolution : 24 bits
Current consumption : ~150 mA
Weight : 0.6 Kg (1.2 lbs)
Dimension : 12 (L) x 9 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
Power source requirement : 9VDC (negative center)
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