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I have seen several posts on another site where people are using the iRig Pro Duo for live performance. I am curious about how well this works for live performing and if people are also using it for recording. I have seen posts on this site and other sites that say this interface has noise issues. I currently have an iRig HD 2 I use for capturing new song ideas and it works OK, noisy at times but only use it for practicing, but I would like a dual input interface to use for mic and guitar. I currently also have a Yamaha MD-BT101 wireless midi adapter that I use with my iPad 2017 for Onsong, Quantiloop, Beat Buddy and Roland GR-55. I am considering the following interfaces for live performance and recording. I want to be able to use the device with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Any input/experience would be much appreciated.

iRig Pro Duo - I really like the size/portability of this device and that I will not need any additional adapters. (~$170)

Steinberg UR22mkII - I really like the bundled software with this device and it's direct support for iPad in addition to the Mac and PC. I also like the construction of the case (metal) but it is larger and I will need to power it with and adapter when using it with my iPad. (~$117)

Steinberg UR242 - I like that this device has 4 inputs and a dedicated DSP processor. (~$141)

I have seen mixed reviews on the above interfaces in addition to the some Focusrite interfaces that I considered. I have used Cubase in the past and like that is is included (lite versions) with the Steinberg products but I will have to buy a USB adapter for my iPad (~$50). I have a limit of < $200. Thanks for any input.

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