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VGuitarForums Glossary of Terms
« on: February 26, 2015, 07:34:04 AM »
Just a mention to folks who are new to VGuitarForums

In thousands of posts All over the site, we mention several acronyms which can be confusing to Guitarists new to the DSP Modeling/ Synth scene : "FTP", "RPI", "COSM" , etc

I'm posting this because I recently had a conversation with another guitarist who had once stumbled upon our site while doing a web search , and he told me:

"You guys at VGuitarForums are too high tech, with all your talk of moving files using FTP ("File Transfer Protocol"),  in and out of your internet guitars!, Id rather just play my real guitar"

so here is the

VGuitarForums Glossary of Terms
DIN Connector

A DIN connector is an electrical connector that was originally standardized by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), the German national standards organization. There are DIN standards for a large number of different connectors, therefore the term "DIN connector" alone does not unambiguously identify any particular type of connector unless the document number of the relevant DIN standard is added (e.g., "DIN 41524 connector"). Some DIN connector standards are:
DIN 41524, for circular connectors often used for audio signals

FTP = Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI guitar System

RPI = Raspberry Pi $35 small single board computer from UK, that member LouLea discovered actually works as a USB Host to 5 pin MIDI converter for many recent Roland /Boss products with no 5 pin MIDI

GK , GK-13 = The Roland 13 pin guitar interface that transports separate analog signals ( one per string) and some Variable DC Voltage Controls ( GK-VOL, Guitar/Mix/Synth Status, and remote Switches ( S1, S2) and +7V,-7V DC power

GK-3 - Roland Guitar pickup for mounting on Steel string guitars

GK-3B - Roland Bass pickup for mounting on Steel string Bass guitars

S1 = GK-3 Momentary Switch  #1

S2 = GK-3 Momentary Switch  #2

US-20 = Roland Unit Selector A/B/Y Selector switch for feeding two separate GK-13 Synth/ Modeling Processors

GP-10 = Boss GP-10 VGuitar System in a small footprint released summer 2014

GPI,GPIO = General Purpose Input Output, typical term used in robot control systems to describe an array of remote switch inputs and Open collector transistor controlled outputs

COSM = Roland DSP Composite Object Sound Modeling

RMC  = RMC PIEZO PICKUPS - high quality Piezo pickups for guitars

GHOST  = GraphTech Ghost Piezo PICKUPS - Piezo pickups developed my Mike Christian (Black Ice passive distortion)  for guitars

VDI = Line-6 Variax Digital Interface is the RJ-45 Ethercon cable used to connect Variax to Line 6 Gear ( Vetta Amp, POD XT Live, POD Pro, HD500X, FireHawk)   

TVF = Time Varient Filter used on many Roland Synths

TVA = Time Varient Amplifier used on many Roland Synths

DI Box  = "Direct Inject Box" Device used to connect a high-impedance, line level, or unbalanced signal to a low-impedance microphone level balanced input. Commonly used to connect a electric guitar or bass directly to a microphone preamplifier input.

JTV = Line-6 James Tyler Variax DSP Modeling Guitar

More Glossary of Terms



Line-6 Live Sound Glossary of Terms

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Re: VGuitarForums Glossary of Terms
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 01:26:27 PM »
I work in the IT industry - the world is full of them, they change daily and get added to daily and they do my head in - not so bothered here though, probably because its something I like :-)

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Re: VGuitarForums Glossary of Terms
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Which one do i need?
For those not familiar with the Roland VGuitar Syetems (VG-8, VG-8EX,VG88, VG-99, GP-10) you need to know this,
it is not a Guitar synthesizer.
It would more accurately be considered a SUPER DUPER effects processor.
A Guitar synthesizer (GR-20, GR-30, GR-33, GR-55 on PCM Tones) can produce more traditional sounds,
like trumpets, piano, drums, violins, organs etc.,
which the Roland VGuitar does not. (Well, it does a few nice ones, but not like a synth)
The Roland VGuitar on the other hand, is  a billion times more sensitive to play feel
and subtleties in your playing than a synthesizer.
Since it works on the sound of your strings, you can do things like
scratch your strings or bang your guitar and you will get sound,
with a synthesizer, the unit will just be confused.
Also, the Roland VGuitar doesn't "track" in the traditional sense of the word.
It is actually processing effects on your actual string sound,
not converting that sound into MIDI data.
Speed metal players have no problem fitting in all those random notes!
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Re: VGuitarForums Glossary of Terms
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"Explain Like I'm 5": Audio Concepts for Beginners

Balanced vs Unbalanced Connections

What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced connections?
How does balancing work?
Why do we need balanced connections?

What is impedance?
How does it affect audio?
What do input/output impedance specs mean?

Audio Levels
What's the difference between "pro" and "consumer" line levels?
Is it ok to plug an instrument into a line level input?
What's the difference between peak and RMS levels?

Audio Filters
How do filters work?

The (High) Cost of Pro-audio Gear
What are the factors that drive the price of professional recording gear?
Why does gear cost so much more than the sum of its components?
Are the prices justified, or is someone getting ripped off?

What are opamps?
How do they work?
Do different opamps sound different?


Do I really need a deciated box to reamp?
Can't I just connect a cable from my interface to an amp?
Can't I just use a DI in reverse?

Part Markings and Orientation
How can I tell the value of common parts?
How can I tell the orientation of common parts?
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

What do PCBs do?
What are the layers of a PCB?
How can I make my own PCBs?
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