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Started by Aengelantir, January 21, 2023, 10:15:02 AM

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Hello all,

New to the GP-10 and trying to broading my sound range. Started with jazz in my teens but work came and music stayed just a hobby.
Currently I'm playing in a bossa band with no keyboardist. We'll be exploring some fusion too.  So I'm looking for that nylon sound and some broad synth/piano to accomp the horn players. Also challenged myself to play Michael Breckers EWI-solo on Sentimental Mood. I'll load the patch if I might ever succeed to create that sound😀.

The GK is mounted on my Ibanez 2630. And I own a Gibson L5 CES, Ibanez ST-300 and Fender Strat, GT-10, H&K tubeamp and an Evans amp.

I've been browsing this forum for days now so  thanks for admitting me.
Gibson L5 CES, Ibanez 2630 Artist + GK-3, Fender Am Strat, Ibanez ST-300, Aria Nylon, Fina steelstring, GT-10, GP-10, Ableton.


Welcome to vguitarforums.


Welcome indeed!   And have fun!
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Welcome To The Family 😊


Nice to have a new member! Enjoy the forum :)


Hello, welcome to vguitarforums.
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