Started by dazco, December 08, 2022, 02:11:56 PM

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Anyone noticed this? I just started using it after owning it for a number of years because turns out we decided on several tunes recently that employ wah. Always found the EXP buggy so i never used it but now that i am i'm finding a bug i never knew existed. When i switch to a wah patch, even tho i have the default set to volume on the second page of the preset settings for the EXP, it doesn't sound right when i switch from another patch to a wah patch. The wah is NOT on when i switch to it which is right since i have it set to volume. But the sound is odd like the wah is influencing the tone it, tho to a lesser degree than if the wah were one. I switch the wah on then off and the tone becomes normal again. Anyone (well, i know at least STEVE is listening ;D) notice this and maybe know why it happens and how to avoid it? By the way, i'm not sure why but i had a hard time getting a good wah sound easily before but for some reason i set it up real quick and ended up with a good wah sound this time and with a decent feel in the pedal.