Is Anyone Buying this Thing?

Started by Magic Russ, December 07, 2022, 08:56:18 AM

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Magic Russ

When the GX-100 first came out, it seemed that there was a lot of buzz about this product.  However, it doesn't seem like people are talking a lot about this on any of the major gear forums.  I would think that the GX would be more popular, but it doesn't look that way.  Is it a commercial flop?


It's remote BTS apps are painfully sluggish and impractical in live performance

But the color touchscreen interface is swift and the pitch effects are superior to Headrush

In practice a GT-1 with an Android GT-1 control app becomes more attractive and near same sound

Remarkable how well the GT-1 performs - even Vernon Reid uses a GT-1 for minimal cruise ship gigs

Check out EatonPlan GT-1 Manager


I felt at the time that the touchscreen and the Helix-style ability to use multiple effects were minor evolutionary points over the GT-1, and not really enough to warrant the £300 price difference. The GT-1 is an absolute bargain. Get past the plastic build and it's a very capable bit of kit for the money.


Who uses an BTS editing software during live performances? Have you tested the sound of both devices right next to each other?

I never heard about, that Vernon Reid uses the GT1. A lot of web sites talk about he uses Line6 Helix or some Zoom devices.


Quote from: Boisdelac on December 09, 2022, 08:59:05 AMI never heard about, that Vernon Reid uses the GT1. A lot of web sites talk about he uses Line6 Helix or some Zoom devices.

Vernon's cruise ship rig


Tell the complete truth...

The GT1 is only one part in the right corner of his stripped down pedal board as well as a full size SY1000.


The GT-1 is one of my favorite units for normal PU.
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Magic Russ

He also has an OD-200 in his rig (the yellow pedal on the right, which is cut off).  And at least 5 expression pedals in addition to the EHX and Digitech pedal.  And who knows what else has been cropped out of the photo.


My answer to your Headline question...

I would buy the GX100 if I didn't have two GT1000s


I just recently got the GX-100 and ordered some of Glenn Delaune patches. Did some minor Eq and going into the back of my Katana 50 MK2 power amp in sounds really good Got the BT Dual to play jam tracks works really well Using it with the editor is alittle slow


I am happy with my GX-100. I think it occupies a sweet spot for affordable, easy to use, general purpose gigging units.

Magic Russ

I would agree that for me it's high quality and easy to find good sounds but not outrageously expensive and extremely flexible.  That's why it surprises me that not a lot of people have been talking about it.