SY1000 does The Shining Opening Theme - Berlioz arr Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkin

Started by Nobulusprime, October 24, 2022, 05:23:30 AM

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I watched the shining last week and decided to recreate the opening theme on the SY1000.

Basically made of 2 patches - one plays the Berloiz theme - 3 dynamic synths creating a brass sound in 3 octaves. The second patch is an effects patch that has 3 instruments 1. a held OSC drone pad in 5ths with lots of LFO and wave pedal filtering;  2. an acoustic guitar up an octave and played using a 20pence piece as a rudimentary slide to make rough and jarring sound.
The third sound uses a dynamic synth to create the Indian banshee type sounds (I capture some of the essence of it) with LFO square waves to create the raspy vocals, a humanizer, bags of modulated delay with wave pedal pitch and time changes and the E and B strings panned and set rise and fall in pitch in opposite directions using expression pedal 1!

In time for Halloween next week - Enjoy!


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Chris Manuel