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Started by jozart, May 21, 2022, 08:12:48 PM

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200 empty presets

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What's the point behind 200 empty presets?


There is no direct way to completely initialize an empty preset, and no easy way to completely initialize a block of presets. So users in the know will create a completely empty bank and copy from that.

GX-100 users should also check out the new Boss Tone Exchange.

Magic Russ

I prefer what you get when you initialize the preset in BTS (the dropdown underneath WRITE).  It gives you a chain containing WAH, FV, a Div with two AMPS, boost, delay, chorus, reverb, with the Expression pedal and switch configured to wah and volume already.

I have been going through some of my presets from older units.  I found that there are generally a few patterns that I like to use

Single chain
Single Amp, switchable chain in front
Divider with amps in parallel
Divider with switchable channels

I usually want a wah pedal and volume pedal in front, noise suppressors after the amps, and ending with delay-chorus-reverb.

Sometimes I will want a pedal bend in there instead of a wah pedal.

For my purposes, a liveset containing 6 or 8 templates fits my need better than an entirely empty patch.