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Started by admin, February 10, 2022, 11:56:02 AM

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I recently noticed Matt Bolton picked up an RC-600 and has immediately began to gig with it feverishly. He's got it going, figuring it out and incorporating it into his awesome solo performances.

This is the first video in his tutorial series. I tried to post the full playlist page, however its showing the first video below and they play in sequence unless you go to you tube, where it should be the entire page.

The second video on the bottom is a live event he recently played. He live streams  shows and is the only person I'm aware of with a RC-600 doing this. So check him out, he will field questions also if you have them. Enjoy, this is a cool venture.

Keep in mind he is trying to share what he learns as he learns it. This is a VERY feature rich unit with immense depth, its going to take you time to get up to speed with it. I personally recommend you seriously consider adding a table top MIDI controller in addition to the floor unit to add to your control and performance.


Quote from: plexified on April 28, 2022, 09:06:00 PM

This video sums up my experience with the RC 600 (Ver.1.21) pretty well. My idea was to use multi-part rhythms made from own midi files together with 6 track guitar looping. I thought this was a rather common application given they sell the RC10r based on exactly this idea. However, it took me 1hr to assign rythm part changes between A/B/C/D to an FS-7 pedal, including the frustrating endless scroll through assign targets as shown in the video.

I think this could have been an excellent pedal if it had a better user interface and documentation. Right now the software feels rushed with several counter-intuitive design decisions and I decided to return the pedal and stick with my RC10r & RC500 instead. Hope we don't see a new RC605/RC700/RC800 again next year with even more functionality crammed into a device which is even more difficult to operate.

Eager to hear if anyone has a clue about changing rhythms and your overall experience :)


If anyone is interested, I found a video describing a 'community solution' to verse/chorus songs and how to change the settings and assign the footswitches.