How do you like your BOSS eband JS-8 or 10?

Started by jjfeenix-fgn, March 17, 2013, 06:20:34 AM

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I just got my JS-10 about 2 weeks ago and I'm really loving this machine! The complexity of features yet simplicity of operation is a welcome change in techno-effects and recording devices.

It took quite a few hours to run thru most of the practice songs and loops (I skipped most of the Simple versions). Some are very cool and have stretched my vocabulary of chord progressions. (I downloaded the Chord Progression PDF and printed it out.) I had sore fingers after a couple of practice sessions.

I really appreciate that the practice songs have pre-programmed patches for your Inputs. I didn't even have to learn to select/modify any amps or effects in order to start using the JS-10. I have learned how to switch Amps and Effects patches. I haven't graduated to modding the parameters, yet. I love that you can press the Tuner button at any time, without needing to stop whatever you are currently doing.

I installed the Song List Editor and ripped a song from CD and also transferred an mp3 to the JS-10. The quality of the Pitch control on the ripped song gets "warbled". But it does work.

Besides exploring the interface, that's it so far. I'm really looking forward to recording and hooking the amp to other devices. I know I'll have lots of fun and tons of questions.

So how are you other eband owners enjoying your JS-8 or JS-10s?