Samsung DEX (Desktop Experience) tips

Started by admin, August 16, 2020, 08:17:52 PM

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SamSung DEX info

Can Now use a Windows or Mac PC, install DEX app, and then connect a Samsung Galaxy phone and navigate the web using your phone's unlimited data plan  - lower your bill.

No Computer? - use a Plugable PHONE CUBE USB-C Dock . which provides HDMI, CAT5 Ethernet, USB-30, USB 2.0 ports and 15 watt charger for Samsung Galaxy S10+ Phone in DEX Mode


For those who wonder why I'm posting about Samsung Dex systems, many of us have data capped Internet access.
In USA many mobile smartphone plans offer unlimited data as long as you use your phone. But as soon as you enable the WIFI hotspot (To use your Mac/PC/Ipad/Chromebook)  you are capped to 40 gig data download/upload per month. Thus the reason for pursuing using the DEX feature in my Galaxy S10+ ( the last model with wired headset jack).
In this manner using DEX, I can browse the Web, update my Evernote to do list, watch unlimited YouTube videos unlimited talk, text message ,  And not have any surprises on my monthly Internet access provider bill or nags or slowdowns after I hit 20gb data

I used to use 80GB data/month, but that was mostly from using YouTube lectures  essentially as a radio while I work
Expanding my phones ability to drive larger screens, or using the Win/Mac Dex App allows unlimited data access
Can even download my Scribd books using DEX


Cant you just tether via USB? I do that with my note 10+ and laptop all the time.  My note always prompts me to run DeX but I never do.


Quote from: SY.Borg.300 on October 01, 2021, 09:56:01 AM
Cant you just tether via USB? I do that with my note 10+ and laptop all the time.  My note always prompts me to run DeX but I never do.

In USA, AT&T places a data cap on any data Tethering from the phone (USB or Wifi Hotspot) , and charges higher monthly rates after 40GB is exceeded.

Meanwhile using DEX, i have unlimited data, and access to a desktop experience using Google DOCS, and Spreadsheet apps   

I typically use 100GB per month now on my current unlimited plan, but only 11GB Wifi Hotspot data ( for my Win/Mac PCs/ iPads)  - I used to use 80GB / month all wifi hotspot on my old AT&T "grandfathered iphone unlimited plan which had risen to $125 /mo, but they throttled the data speed down after 40GB was used every month.
I recently converted to an $85 unlimited voice, unlimited message, unlimited  data plan - but all data must be used with the phone ( or a DEX connection to a larger screen device, which works well for me )  = no wifi hotspot, no USB tethering  which is now capped at 40GB/month

Other carriers/ISPs offer different experience, but this current AT&T plan works for my needs in the geographical region areas i need it ( read TMobile is not an option due to poor signal in Avila Beach)   



Boss Mobile Tone Studio for GX-100 , on NexDock2 1920x 1080 touchscreen ( see 1st post)