Connect both Expression Pedal & 2 ctrl buttons at same time in GT-001

Started by mignolyx, April 25, 2021, 06:45:23 PM

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I'm trying to connect both the expression pedal and two control buttons on the GT-001 at the same time.
I tried to parallel them but something is wrong. Are there any of you who have tried to do this? Maybe coupling it with some diode to electrically separate the signals?

I created, with an old mouse of a pc, a three button system that enables C1, C2 and the third one switches on or off the first two at the same time. Very interesting solution to switch eg. On / Off Overdrive with C1 and Solo A / B Pre with C2. The third button turns me on and off both if they are active.
I have created some exceptional sound combinations.
If I could pair it with the expression pedal and be able to use them at the same time it would be really productive in terms of real-time control of the parameters.
I know , in this forum, are those among you who might have a solution.
On the 3-button pedal I have inserted a stereo jack to connect the expression pedal when needed.
But something, I believe electrically, does not lwork properly, even if he manages to modulate the programmed parameters, but the scale does not fit.
I'll wait for your help and suggestions. If you want, i can load some pictures.


Not possible to use both a dual switch, and Expression pedal, at the same time from the same input port,
it has to be one or the other.
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I will try a solution.
If anybody else have some idea, i'm here to use it.
All i know that i will try


Very late to answer but I only just got my GT-001..
If you would connect it through a pc (or PrimovaSound MIDX-10, RaspberryPi with appropriate software) and send MIDI signals to your GT-001 it should be possible.
I connected my old GT-5 (MIDI-USB cable) to my pc and I'm using the CTL and EXP pedal to control my GT-001
The 1-5 pedals send "Program Change" events, but with some re-mapping software (don't know if it exists, I might try to make something myself once..) it should be possible to make them send CC events instead.
With an appropriate program/script you should also be able to send any MIDI signals you want. I'm not entirely sure how to do it without a PC in between though..

This might not be what you're looking for, but maybe it helps someone else