Gt-3 LCD display replacement

Started by gtrdrumsplayerduarte, November 03, 2017, 12:32:10 AM

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Does anyone have any information on how to find a alternative/equivalent LCD for the GT-3?

All I could find is this article

Bought this lcd but I'm not being able to get it to work.

Please help.



Post a decent picture showing the LCD ID numbers. Also try and get hold of the service manual from Roland.  Here in the UK, they are happy to send you a pdf version free.



GT-3 Service notes state: LCD = Roland P/N = F5029404    = WD-C1602R-2BLYC

BOSS GT-3 LCD Connector

appears to similar to

more links

JamalBG wrote >

Since I could not find a replacement for the screen, I decided to replace it with another lcd module. I decided on because it has similar parameters and sizes to the original, which after the lower voltage (resistor 1.5k solves the problem), and the power supply of the backlight that is not on the connector does not deviate significantly from the original. The module should also fit as a replacement for the GT-6 and GT-6 Boss GT-8.