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Quote from: sixeight on August 16, 2019, 01:45:26 AM
Is the GE300 also supporting guitar tone capture? I think it only does amp tone capture. The difference between amp and guitar tone capture is that guitar tone capture captures a profile of both the source and the target guitar. Amp tone capture just does a single capture of the difference between input and output.

GE300 supports three types of Tone Captures
TONE CAPTURE is an intelligent learning and comparison engine that can be used to create your very own digital models by sampling real-life equipment.

The GE300 is the only MOOER product that features three different TONE CAPTURE modes.

AMP & STOMP MODE can be used to sample your favorite stomp box or amplifier. This can then be applied to an existing amp or drive pedal model within a preset to transform it into your sample.

GUITAR MODE allows you to capture the EQ characteristics of your instrument. Have you ever found yourself searching for a single instrument that has all the different guitar sounds you need? Be it classic country twang, warm ballsy blue tones, the funkadelic "4-position", tight thrashing djent, Piezo acoustic-electric - GUITAR MODE can sample any guitar, provided it has some form of pickup, and create a detailed digital guitar model using MOOER's proprietary non-linear IR technology.

CAB MODE allows you to create your own Impulse Response models of speaker cabinets to use instead of using the CAB effect block already installed on the GE300.

GE300 Version 1.2.0 BETA

1.   Thank you for helping us test these new features but please be aware some users may experience unexpected issues after updating to this version. Please share your feedback, questions, and concerns by contacting

2.   TONE CAPTURE files need to be backed up before updating to V1.2.0. This update will CLEAR all of the TONE CAPTURE files on your unit.

3.   TONE CAPTURE files created in V1.1.1 are still compatible with V1.2.0.

4.   The update will not affect user presets or  3rd party IRs. However, we recommend backing up all of your presets and IRs before updating just in case.

What's New

1. Trail function is now available. When the Trail function is activated, delay or reverb effects will remain for a few seconds after switching between patches or switching off effects.

Delay effects that support Trail: Digital, Analog, Dynamic, Real, Tape, Mod, PingPong

Reverb effects that support Trail: Room, Hall, Plate, Fl-Reverb, Swell-Reverb, Spring, Mod

2. CTRL footswitch mode. The footswitch LED will change the brightness to indicate the current situation.

3. Fixed the latency when changing between presets. Fixed the pause when turning on/off effect blocks.

4. New alerts for importing presets with TONE CAPTURE files. When importing TONE CAPTURE presets, if the TONE CAPTURE file already exists on the target patch, the user will be alerted to select "Replace" to replace the TONE CAPTURE file or select "Save As" to select another save slot.

Download V1.2.0 BETA here:


GE300 Tone Capture examples

Mooer GE300, Capture AX8


  GE300 V2.0.0 and above firmware supports loading GNR/GIR created in GE Labs or downloaded from MOOER Studio. Users can enjoy unique sample files uploaded
by users from across the globe.
What is MNRS® and the GNR, GIR file types?
MNRS (MOOER Non-linear Response Sample) technology is developed by MOOER engineers based on their years of experience with sampling technology.
Now MOOER has improved the MNRS Engine in version 2.0, with better tone quality and dynamic response. Users can create their own sample files with GE Labs,
the free multi effect mobile app from MOOER, and then download those files to their GE Series devices.
GNR and GIR are two different file formats of the MNRS files. The GNR files extension denotes an amp model file, while the GIR file extension is for the cabinet
simulation file.
How to get the MNRS file?
You can enter and log in your MOOER account to download the MNRS files shared by other users.
1. The name of file shows the type of sample
"E-xxx.GNR" : Entire amplifier sample file. This kind of file is captured by microphones. The preamp section, power section, cabinet and microphone section are all
included in the file. We recommend turning off any power amp sim or cab sim while using this kind of file.
"P-xxx.GIR" : Preamp sample file.  This type of file is usually captured from the FX LOOP without the use of a microphone. This kind of file includes the preamp section
only. We recommend turning on the power amp sim and cab sim while using it.
"C-xxx.GIR" : Cabinet sample file captured with a microphone. This kind of file includes microphone and cabinet, like a tradiotional impulse response file. You can use
this as an IR cab sim file.
2. In the GE300, there are 50 empty slots for loading the GNR file in the AMP module. To load the GIR file, please enter the CAB module for loading.  
Loading procedure
1. Ensure the firmware of your GE300 has been updated to V2.0.0 or higher.
2. Connect your GE300 to your computer. Open the GE300 editor software.
3. Select the AMP module. Click on the name bar of the amp model to access the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you see  the"+" icon.
4.  Click the"+" icon and select the file from your computer to finish loading.
1. It is possible to load more than one sample file at a time.
2. Loading more sample files may affect the boot-up time of your GE300.
  Boot-up time with all slots full is around 26 seconds.