Beat Bars EX2m - Convert Expression Pedal to MIDI CC over USB Pedal

Started by admin, April 16, 2019, 01:55:32 PM

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Beat Bars EX2m

Beat Bars has released two MIDI adapters that may be very useful for one or the other of you. Converting the output of footswitches and expression pedals into MIDI signals is not necessarily a new story, but good tools are still very rare. The FS2M and EX2M adapters take care of the thing, run with the common operating systems and are even relatively cheap.

The small adapters are connected to the computer via micro-USB , recognized as MIDI devices and can be configured with their own software according to their own requirements. Incidentally, the little helpers draw electricity directly via USB. On the other hand, the jack cables from the outputs of the pedals are simply plugged into the intended inputs. Plug and Play, so to speak.

Whether for guitarists or keyboard players, the FS2M converts the analog signals from footswitches or sustain pedals into MIDI CC values. This can be used to control virtual amp emulations or change soundsets, for example. Keyboarders are looking forward to more expression while playing. Thanks to the MIDI data, the pedal can act as a controller. Nice!

Anyone who plays guitar is happy about wah-wah effects, which are now possible in the DAW , and experimental sound-tinkers control one or the other parameter of FX or synths with the expression pedal. Again, the same applies as with the FS2M: Pedals that are already lying around with you, you can operate according to the manufacturer.

I think it's a pity that there is no classic MIDI output in both adapters. That would expand the application possibilities in my view a bit. However, if your computer has an interface with the appropriate MIDI jacks, you might be able to control external MIDI devices with a small workaround.

Specification and price
Both adapters run on macOS (10.9 and higher), Windows (64-bit) and Linux (with java SE 10 and higher installed). In addition, the manufacturer recommends computers with Intel processor . You have to lie down 59 euros per adapter . In the EU, shipping is free.

Further information
Website of the manufacturer