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Started by Jim Williams, March 23, 2019, 04:26:22 AM

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Jim Williams

I use my MS-3 in a very specific way. In loop 3 I have my Marshall stack in a 4 cable method and that is most of the tome. In loop 1 I have a MXR mini booster that helps push the JCM style gain a little more. In loop 2 is a Hustle drive a Mooer OCD clone (not used in this Patch). From the effects section is a Wha, EQ, chorus, Delay and Plate reverb. the wha , chorus and delay (crazy Welcome to the Jungle Delay) are not active. The wha is as you would expect activated by CTL 2 (external FS-7) and CTL1 is a solo switch. The other effects are selected by the number switches in manual mode.

Thanks, Jimmy.
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