MS-3 - Crazy Modulation

Started by jwhitcomb3, April 07, 2019, 04:43:42 PM

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These presets each subtly modulate several parameters in the FX1 and FX2 overdrives and the vibrato with the assign wave pedal to give the sound a little motion. The modulation rates are set up so they don't repeat. The effect is almost subliminal - you feel it more than you hear it. Shimmer?

The current number triggers the master solo.

I have a tc electronic HyperGravity multi band compressor in L1, and a Wampler Tumnus in L2, but these presets do not rely on them. I'm running this into a Quilter MicroPro Mark 2 set up close to breakup, so the presets can goose the amp into some grit.

There are 4 patches here, starting from clean, each getting a little crunchier.

CTL3 toggles delay, CTL4 toggles tremolo. EXP1 is foot volume.

I hope you enjoy them!