GT-100 v2 / GT-001 settings for Cubase

Started by admin, October 08, 2018, 01:46:26 PM

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Henky wrote>
With version 2 of the GT-100, Boss introduced a new method of using the USB audio interface.
They added a secondary channel to record the dry signal while the primary channel provides a wet signal.
This creates the possibility to record the wet signal and the dry signal at the same time.
The USB audio flow looks like this:

When you send the recorded dry signal back to the GT-100/GT-001 over the secondary USB channel, it will go through the effect chain and you can listen to the result with the primary USB channel.
This is a great way to reamp and create or adjust sounds even while you're in the mixing stage.

This setup might also be a little confusing and every DAW has it's own way to configure multlple USB channels.
I already posted how to set this up with reaper, however since my main DAW is Cubase I wanted to share the Cubase settings also.

Start with selecting the GT ASIO driver
Menu "Devices" > "Device setup" > "VST Audio system

Now when you click on GT-100/GT-001 just below VST Audio System you should see something like this:

Notice that the secondary input and output are "inactive".
To activate them you need to add a bus to the inputs:
Menu "Devices" > "VST connections"

and also for the outputs:

It should look like this for both Inputs and Outputs:

Next we need to create 2 tracks, one for the wet signal and one for the dry signal.
For the first track you can keep the default input and output (Stereo In and Stereo Out).

For the second (dry) track you need to select the secondary USB channel which we connected to the "Stereo In 2 bus and Stereo Out 2 bus):

Because you will be monitoring using the primary USB interface the secondary dry track won't interfere as it only "talks" with the secondary USB channel.
However you should be aware that playback will initially play both tracks and you'll hear them both with effects.

Of course you can rename the busses and tracks to have a better overview:

Good luck

For more information about the GT-100 and the GT-001 visit the
GT-100: Ready Reference Page which contains an excellent GT-100/GT001 knowledge base.


Mire said: ↑
Hello and plz Halp. I'm a little stumped on this setup and the settings. I've searched all over Youtube for help but haven't found much of it that works. I've got everything entered above in Cubase 9.5 Pro for sound outputs. I have the latest versions of all the drivers for the GT100. My L/Mono and R from the GT are going to my studio monitors.

So I understand that you hear the effects on both wet and dry. I exported the dry track to hear it, and it sounded like it should have, without effects. However, I did see an interesting video someone made where they somehow created a 2nd track, copied track 1 onto track 2 with a new guitar/amp setting. It copied a new track with a different amp/guitar sound. They just played some part once, but made 2 different recorded tracks from it. Is this witchery? How does one do what they have done?

Does the re-amping capabilities solely create a dry track for using plugins/re-micing it through an amp? I'm not using an amp at all or any mics, just the gt100 and monitors. I've seen this one Youtube video, but the quality of it is kind of terrible, and I can't understand the language, but I've posted comments asking for clarity. Here it is.

It looks like they created 2 tracks (I can't decipher the input types though on the left for each track). They made a recording with the "Loop Back" setting turned OFF on track 1/wet track? Then they switch the "Loop Back" setting ON, and hit record on the 2nd track while enabling Track 1 to play through. So the new track picks up/reads/records exactly off of Track 1, but they were able to record a different sound on track 2 from track 1 data. Halp.

Henky wrote>
Hi Mire, no it's not witchery?
Basically you send the dry recorded track back to the GT-100 and the GT-100 will process the signal as if it was a guitar signal and you record the result of that on a second track.
To do so you need 2 USB channels: 1 to record and another to send the recorded signal back to the GT-100
So first you record the dry track with USB channel 1 and next you play it back over the other USB channel while you record the result with the first USB channel on a NEW track.
It's exactly as i descriped in the post at the top of this thread.
However in Cubase 9.5 they renamed all the menu's so here's what is changed:

Menu "Devices" > "Device setup" > "VST Audio system
has become
Menu "Studio" > "Studio setup" > "VST Audio system
Menu "Devices" > "VST connections"
has become
Menu "Studio" > "Audio connections"


Hey, four years later I still want to thank you because I didn't find a clear indication for reamping with the GT-001 anywhere else. I would add, after creating the inputs/outputs, just record on the Dry track. Then playback and voila, you can switch between effects (or edit them) in the Boss Tone Studio or directly in the GT-001. Cheers!