Boss GT-PRO Input Calibration??

Started by Kenni, May 07, 2017, 07:37:53 AM

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Hi there!

Long time no speak  ;D

Well, the last couple of days I've been playing my old Boss GT-PRO again, and I was wondering if it's possible to Input Calibrate the unit?

You know, just like it's possible with the GT-10 and GT-100.

I've been reading the manual, but it's not all clear to me..
The very first thing I can see in the manual is 'adjusting the INPUT LEVEL'.
The manual suggests that I adjust the INPUT LEVEL until the PEAK INDICATOR briefly lights up.
But is this the way to actually do it?? So adjust the INPUT LEVEL, and do this every time I change/switch guitars?

In the GT-10 & GT-100 you would have to adjust the parameter named 'INPUT' , but I guess this is the same as the knob on the front of the GT-PRO (as described above...)

Anyone know about this??

Thanks - I'd appreciate it!


I would use your 'loudest' guitar and adjust the input to the peal light as described in the manual.
It does not matter if the input level is quieter,
the only issue is exceeding the recommended input level and clipping the input signal at the A/D converter.
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