Triple Play Battery - Replacement? how to?

Started by thegamemaker, January 13, 2014, 09:21:08 PM

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Quote from: Elantric on November 09, 2017, 01:26:26 PM

ZTE Battery 3.7V 690mAh


Battery Samsung 690mAh EB423643CU Li-Ion 3.7V Original

"Compatible with Samsung X820,X828,D830,D838 ,E840,E848,F589,F639, U100,U108,U300,U308 ,U600,U608"
Size : 43.60 x 38.64 x 4.43mm

I need to replace my battery also and I bought the battery above but it's much bigger, is this for the attachment FTP? or is this for the EOM Godin. it has the same dimensions as above:

it seems to be much bigger than the original, any advice? thanks


contact member "FishmanSoftware";u=26721
Quote from: FishmanSQA on December 26, 2017, 12:55:35 PM
Hey folks-

Just a reminder, if you need immediate assistance, please contact us directly at Fishman. I don't always see these messages, and we can't really offer detailed customer support through this forum....I'd hate to miss a message!  So, or 1-800-FISHMAN is always best! Thanks everyone!

Fishman Lead SQA


For the record...  I strongly suggest sending it off to Fishman.

In a fit of DIY, I did my own.  It looked easy.  I have passable soldering skills.  I bought the battery online & it was here in a day.

It's smaller than it looks in these pix.  When I was done, it looked a little like I'd soldered it with a shovel & a blowtorch. 

And getting it all back in the housing was a little like dealing with overstuffed luggage when returning from vacation...

It works!

But I wouldn't do it again.   
Address the process rather than the outcome.  Then, the outcome becomes more likely.   - Fripp


I know this is a fairly old thread. I have a similar, albeit slightly different, problem.

On my Godin Session Custom FTP, not only does the battery not charge, but the battery charge light only goes on for a second. The guitar (and FTP) work fine with the charger plugged in, but without the charger, only the mag pickups work.

I'm going to take it to an Authorized Godin Service Center near me.
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Quote from: thegamemaker on January 13, 2014, 09:21:08 PM
My Triple Play is now failing to hold battery charge.
I recently acquired an external FTP and FC-1 combo and found it to worked brilliantly, but let's face it, the wart is fugly.
Buoyed up with enthusiasm I searched for a Fender TriplePlay Strat in Australia. There were none available second-hand or new. Fender Australia had literally never heard of such a thing.  Neither had the Fishman dealer. I have come to conclude that they were never sold new in this country. Not to worry, I found a brand new one online from a big music store in our near neighbour Singapore. I threw a considerable amount of money at the problem (Duty, Shipping etc.) and last week a brand new black FTP Strat arrived on my doorstep. It's a thing of great beauty and I love it.
Only one little problem. The production date is turns out to be 2013. They didn't tell me that. It's still brand spanking new with all the gear in sealed plastic bags. But the battery on the FTP is stone dead. I tried to charge straight away and got a single flash of the green light then nothing. Left it on charge for 3 days. Nothing. It sat there in the store for 6 years, possibly left on.
So Fender Australia don't want know me as I've only got Singapore Malaysia Warranty.
Fishman Australia don't have any batteries to supply.
I could send it back to Singapore at my expense, but...
I could send it to Arizona at my expense, but...
The dealer in Singapore has agreed to try to find a battery but hasn't found anything yet...
I have resolved to try to solve this myself, so I thought I would post my progress here.
Here's a shot of my FTP Strat sent from Singapore before purchase with protective plastic still on. They didn't send one of he back of the head-stock.


Here's a close-up of the FTP unit on the back of the FTP Strat. The red light flashes when turned on and trying to connect by wireless to the receiver. The on/off switch is up in the on position. There should be a green light showing through just above the micro-USB plug while charging if the battery is accepting charge. Mine flashes on once and disappears. the transmitter works for about 10 secs while plugged in until it's out of charge. Then I get another green flash and it restarts. Unplugged it never gets started. The four wood screws in the corners are easily removed to access the FTP unit underneath.


Here's the FTP unit flipped out of the Strat. You can see four more screws holding the printed circuit board to the cover plate.


Here's the PC board with the four screws to be undone and a peek in underneath to see the battery. The wires connecting the PC board look rather delicate so I'm taking care not to break them.


After removing those four screws, there is a 8 pin plug mounted to the cover which has to be eased out slowly to reveal the battery. The cover comes away and has a small control unit attached. This shows the battery in situ and the underside of the cover with the control unit.


The battery is held at the edge by double sided tape. It can be carefully removed with a small flat screwdriver taking care not to damage the PC board. The battery unplugs at the white 2 pin connector on the right and allows the battery to be removed. The plug is labelled +Batt-.
The battery pack is labelled SAM F480. Li-ion 3.7V 900mAh.


My battery pack appears slightly different to others shown here. I'm assuming that it is derived from a SAMSUNG F480 phone. So I have ordered this one off eBay sold for the SAMSUNG F480. No dimensions were given in the eBay ad so I'm just hoping it will be a fit. the 1000mAh will not be an issue as it will just allow it to last longer with luck. When it arrives I will solder it up using the old connector. In the mean time the old battery is spending a few days in the freezer. You never know.


Update: My eBay battery has not arrived yet.  So after 3 days at -18 degrees  C, I tried the original battery again on charge. Just getting a green flash every 30 secs which is not very encouraging but might indicate a willingness to accept charge, so will leave on over nite and see how things progress. I'm not hopeful.


Well as expected the freezer trick failed.
But today my eBay F480 battery pack arrived. Unfortunately they have moved the contacts from the long side to the short side or "top" on the new battery. This means they almost collide with the flanges on the PC board that hold the battery on. This battery is not exactly the same as the one pictured in their ad which I posted above. The new battery pack is a bout a millimetre longer and slightly thinner than the old, just to make things more difficult.
Also I couldn't help noticing that the PC board is labelled incorrectly for +/-ve. Note the red wire which is +ve from the battery goes to the -ve side of the connector of the PC board labelled +Batt-. Check the photos above. This was rather disconcerting but I figured I would just connect it up the same way.
A few things to keep in mind here. These Li ion are notoriously susceptible to high temperatures so it is important to keep soldering heat to a minimum. I carefully scratched and tinned the outer contacts and having removed the old connector from the old battery, I connected the red wire to +ve on the new battery and the black to the -ve contact. I also had to carefully plan the routing of the wiring as now it had to wrap back over the connector since the wires were soldered to the "top" of the battery instead of the side.


Assembly is the reverse of dismantling as they say in the classics, but take care with that fine wiring. Before screwing the unit back in I decided to check that the new battery accepted charge. You can see in this photo that the green light is now on steadily showing charging unlike the single flash I used to get. Yah!
Having screwed everything back together I have put the unit on charge overnight and hopefully I will have a functional FTP Strat tomorrow finally.
It is worth noting you can still get a brand new FTP Strat from Singapore in Nov 2019 even if they never did get me a battery under warranty. They still had a 3TS last time I checked. It would probably be worth asking them to check the battery first, but I got out of jail on this for about $10 USD so not a deal breaker. It could be purely psychological but I find the FTP Strat has a great feel and looks great in black. It's really special. If you are currently using an FTP wart, jump in for the FTP Strat, you won't regret it.



Quote from: Rolloq on January 25, 2022, 12:55:41 PM
Will this battery work with Ftp?

Its only 700mA.  So reduced run time -genuine battery is 900mA

Genuine battery below


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Seapromise battery $4.70 Sorry, "no longer available".