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Great.  I exported all my Livesets to Documents/GP-10/...  did the uninstall and reinstall and everything is fine.  Bonus being it fixed the problem I was having that caused me to discover it.  Now when I drag and drop patches they don't get messed up. 8)
How'd it go?
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Last post by JeffTronics - Today at 05:24:04 PM
Thanks Chumly. I see what you mean. And, to your point I already have two Akai keyboard controllers with Pads, and Ableton. But there is the convenience of having a stand-alone integrated component as part of my rig. Unless I found one in reasonable condition for an attractive price, I can live without and stick with my SDRUMS. I must remind myself I'm a guitarist first, after all. Thanks for weighing in.
Thank-you.  I can no longer use the Roland editor since I am now on MacOs Monterey.

I notice there is a VG-99 Floorboard.  Can saved patches from that one be imported as well?
I know you probably would have mentioned it but I'm holding out hope :-)
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Last post by markq - Today at 03:55:25 PM
I have the same problem and its not that I'm hearing the original pitch unamplified as well as the changed pitch. that only happens if you play at a low volume. The 2 different notes are there and I cant seem to fix it despite going back to factory settings and reloading the midi file with sysex which has my edited patches. Any ideas anyone? Both of my VG8's have the same problem.
The VG-99 patch conversion section is currently incomplete in the editor, pending a (near) future update.
But will import VG-99 single patch files as saved by the VG-99 Roland editor.
I am getting ready to Install the latest version of BTS - 1.1.1 and the instructions say that I have to Uninstall my current version first and that my Livesets won't be deleted.
I suspect that is true but I like to be careful so I was trying to find my livesets and maybe even back them up.
I read above to look in "C:\Users\your_user_profile\AppData\Roaming\BOSS-TONE-STUDIO-for-GP-10\Local Store\livesets " I found the livesets from Tone Central but none of the livesets that I have since created.
Fooling around I discovered that I can select each liveset in the Librarian and Export them to wherever I want. 
Cool.  Now to try to update.  Fingers crossed.
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Last post by Chumly - Today at 11:04:30 AM
Hi JeffTronics, the HDP-20 is a fun machine sure, but it's over 10 years old now and rather pricey compared to the enhanced capabilities of a pad controller and a laptop.  As a single box live performance device the HDP-20 has definite appeal though.

It's on my wish list, but so is wishing Roland would come out with an updated version of the HDP-20 (not likely) and/or heavily discount the existing version (not likely either).

I expect for most people, a pad controller, laptop and keyboard controller would get them much-much further but for a gigging live acoustic kit drummer, the HDP-20 would add a lot of increased sonic potential without taking up much room or forcing a traditional acoustic kit drummer to run an eDrum kit.

I own a Roland TD-9 kit, and for me it's a much more practical choice than either an acoustic kit or an HDP-20, because it can, to some reasonable extent, cover both what an acoustic kit does, and what an HDP-20 does and if tied to a laptop its potential increases exponentially.

I have been hoping for a solution like this for some time now.

Can you say more about the conversion process with the SY-FloorBoard?
Will it read patches directly from the VG-99 over MIDI and convert as best it can?
Or does it need a MIDI Dump file?
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Last post by VGasheville - Today at 06:53:16 AM
Quote from: gumtownadmin on Yesterday at 11:16:15 AMWelcome to VGuitarForums, might not be able to help with the firmware, but we can try to help with any other usage issues,
 or willing to listen if you have advice or help to offer. 

I meant to say thank you for the welcome. I have sporadically been on here for several years, having at various times owned and sold a VG-8, VG-88, VG-99, GR-20, and GR-30. I still have my GI-20 for guitar to MIDI.

A friend who has a Katana amp mentioned that his amp has a ring mod. Cheers.