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Wah would be a good envelope filter, which can have input level assigned to the Pedal Postion.
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Last post by aliensporebomb - Yesterday at 04:43:40 PM
The GP-10 is the "gig machine" - I've played out with it several times and the guitar modeling while not quite to the level of the SY-1000 is still very good in my opinion. 
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Last post by Harry1227 - Yesterday at 01:39:19 PM
Yes. I used the noise waveform.
If you want to make electronic drums, use the following instructions:
1. Use D-type compressor
This compressor will give a sharp attack to the sound of drums.
2. Behind the compressor, you can put an equalizer to boost the low and high frequencies to taste and attenuate the frequency range around 500 Hz.
3. Set up a filter in the dynamic synthesizer. I recommend using HPF or BPF.
If you use BPF, you will get a more powerful electronic drum sound, but you will have to boost the high frequencies a lot with the EQ.
 Adjust the Sharpness of the waveform noise and filter resonance to give the body to the drum sound. Don't turn up the resonance too much, as this will make the hat sound too harsh. This can be attenuated with an EQ bandpass filter, but you will lose the upper frequencies of the snare.
4. In the sequencer, you need to adjust the pitch, cutoff frequency and amp.
I recommend at the setup stage to make the sequence length no more than 4 steps.
In this way, you can adjust the pitch, cutoff frequency and amps individually for BassDrum, Snare and Hat.
And then you can increasing the length of the sequence to 16 steps to build a linear drum groove.

 By experimenting, I came to the conclusion that at the stage of setting up the dynamic synthesizer sequencer, it is better to make the sound rather muffled.
 Such a sound passing through the compressor has a good dense low end and not strongly compressed high frequencies dynamically. During the equalization stage, high frequencies can be boosted to the desired level.

In the sequencer, you can use two steps for each drum beat. In this way, the decay tails of the bass drums and snares can be ideally adjusted.
In general terms, to get a kick (KICK Drum  ;) ), set up a sharp fall of the pitch from 5 to -24 (+-), a cutoff from 50 to 15 (+-) and a smooth fall of the volume from 100 to 30 (use the second sequence)
For a hat, a sharp rise in pitch from 10 to 17 (-+), a cutoff from 90 to 98 (-+) and a linear fall in volume from 10 to 0.
For snare, use something in between guided by creative intuition. For BassDrum and Hat, the above numbers are approximate.
5. You can put a limiter on the master to tighten the sound.

Adjusting all of the above parameters, look for a compromise. You may need to change the EQ settings several times to get back to editing the sequencer again. It's a creative process, good luck  ;)
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Last post by sixeight - Yesterday at 12:35:23 PM
The GP-10 is the smallest of the bunch. If you use that as an audio and midi interface, you have a lot of options. It even has individual string outputs via usb.
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Last post by Elantric - Yesterday at 12:03:00 PM
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Last post by John Boyles - Yesterday at 11:58:53 AM
 Does anyone know of any Software version of VG technology? As a long time user of VG-8, VG-99 and now SY1000, I would love a lighter, smaller version that does the same thing, i.e., a laptop I could run VG software on so I wouldn't have to haul the VG stuff around for live gigs. I would love to use my 13pin VG guitars (Godin, Taylor, and custom classical) through some kind of interface to a Windows laptop running some sort of VG technology/emulation for live playing.

  Is this even possible?

John Boyles
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Last post by VGA-7 - Yesterday at 11:54:52 AM
Quote from: Sarah.Harris0991 on Yesterday at 04:33:20 AMOk, I just found out it's a Puerto Rican cuatro, thanks VGA-7 for helping
I think I'm going to buy one, there's another cool instrument on the second verse in the middle, but they don't show it :(
Cool,It is a neat instrument. And since it is tuned in 4ths it will be easier to switch from guitar.Than a
 mandolin which is tuned in 5ths
I bought my MG-30 a week ago.

Primarily for bass guitar live and studio.

One feature that makes this a keeper is the USB routing options.

the WET/DRY is perfect for recording.

My only issue is not being about to control the level of the DRY signal - it is very low compared to the processed wet.

The WET/DRY knob-control in the PC editor is also a little confusing.

Monitoring through a DAW is confusing a bit, as well.

STILL, it is the best sounding unit i've tried for bass!

I did the Boss and Zoom stuff for a while - while they were good, the NUX products are next level, IMO.

Anyone have experience with the WET/DRY USB routing?


I haven't been on this board since my VG-8 days.
You can assign input level to several of those parameters and
I'm guessing that with some tweaking you can get close to what you're after.
ifaik I don't think there's another way to use the "pick attack" to affect those parameters,(but you have other assigns like wave pedal etc).