Correct Parts Numbers For All GK Kit And Non Kit GK Pickups & Components

Started by luca9583, November 17, 2022, 03:42:57 PM

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Hi all

I'm trying to source the following GK parts via Antech Systems in the UK but was wondering if anyone on this forum has an accurate list of the following parts so we can make sure i order the right parts:

4 x Roland GK pickups only (no wart, just the pickup with side mounted wires and not the kit version with bottom mounted wires). Roland support said this is the part 75E112X0R0..but it wasn't clear if this is the side wire or bottom wire kit version.

2 x preamps

2 x 13 pin wired sockets with the 7 and 8 pin wires, plus mounting plates

2 x sets of screws for 2 x pickups, sockets and mounting plates

2 x volume pots plus wires to connect these to the preamp.


I don't know the part numbers, or if the parts are available,
but if they are, you might want check the price of a "complete GK kit vs parts",
 sometimes parts can add up to more than a complete unit.
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That's a major drag that they don't sell individual kit parts. I've seen other posts here quoting the 75E112X0R0 part number for the pickup on it's own but i'm not sure if that's the side wire or bottom wire version.