SY1000 + Gig Performer software

Started by thebrushwithin, November 06, 2022, 08:49:08 AM

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So, I started using my SY1000, as an audio interface within Gig Performer, and finally realized how great the SY amp modeling is. Previously, I was using just the excellent guitar modeling, and running out of the sub out into my Kemper Stage. I've been a Kemper user since early 2013, and have both a rack and now a Stage, and have been very, very satisfied with them. However, since my recent attempt to lighten the load, equipment wise, for gigging, I have been exploring Gig Performer with my MacBook Pro. Wow!! So, I decided to use the SY as an audio interface, without my Kemper, and even without utilizing any modern amp plug ins, the sound of the SY1000, guitar, synth, and amp modeling is really all I need. This is an unexpected joy, and so I am shelving and possibly selling my Kempers, which is something I never thought would happen. The latest update 1.08, has made even the sustain from my Moog guitar warble free! And now using a Valhalla reverb plug-in has replaced the Kemper's beautiful reverbs. So, Gig Performer, with the SY1000, as part of an aggregate audio interface is a real winner, in my opinion, as it allows alt tunings, which have no plug in equivalent(yet), and so next up, is using Midi Guitar 2 for laptop synths, which other GP users are swearing by. So far this combo has been quite a revelation!! 😁


I'll throw out a shout for Blue Cat's PatchWork which is another host environment like Gig Performer.

I've not compared the SY-1000's amp modeling with the Fractal (I have an FM3), I'd guess the fractal probably does hard distortion stuff better, and the SY-1000 might do cleans better, but I'm not basing that on anything other than that so many of the kidz over on the FAS forum seem to be metal kidz.


I've been jamming on some guitar amps/cabs in the SY1000 for a couple of weeks now. Once dialed in they sound pretty sweet to me. I say this while my Quad Cortex and Axe-FX III Mk2 stay cold and dark, so there's that FWIW.  ;)