New Vintage Audio Orchestral IR Pack:

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NVA Orchestral IR Pack (Part I)

Make your guitar WEEP and SHRILL like an instrument from a String Orchestra with this unique Orchestral IR Pack by New Vintage Audio! Transform the... conventional tone of your electric guitar (or even bass) to that of a Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin or Fiddle with specially-tailored Impulse Responses and add an orchestral touch to your music. The Double Bass/Contrabass and occasionally the Cello might work best with a bass (or a guitar with an octaver/pitch shifter) for producing imposing low frequency sound waves while the Viola, Violin and Fiddle (a different approach to the violin) will convert any guitar melody to a moaning bowed beauty.

The New Vintage Audio Orchestral IR Pack includes 15 Impulse Responses from 5 different string instruments, with three variations for each: Retro, Vintage and Modern each have a different vibe and allow even more flexibility!

- Retro: If you want to sound like old recordings and deliver an old-school atmosphere then the retro versions will journey you in that time.
- Vintage: Delivering a pure classical vibe, the vintage versions are a perfect match for those familiar with the Baroque and Classicism music eras.
- Modern: These versions will give a more modern approach used especially in soundtracks but now also used in many music genres.

The Orchestral IR Pack has been tested to work with many popular amps & preamps/modelers/plugins. It includes the main 4 string instruments from a String Quartet plus an extra (fiddle) and can work with all gain stages (although you will probably need to add gain more than you think in order to maintain sustain). More specifically the Orchestral IR Pack includes Retro, Vintage and Modern versions of the following instruments:

- Contrabass (Double Bass)
- Cello
- Viola
- Violin
- Fiddle

0:00 Intro
0:14 Modern Contrabass
0:30 Modern Viola
0:46 Modern Violin / Vintage Fiddle
1:08 Vintage Viola
1:32 Modern Cello / Modern Fiddle
2:05 Retro Violin

Orchestral IR Pack:

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Performed by Angel Dan Agg & Spyros Bardanis
Produced by Angel Dan Agg

Effects used are from the Line 6 HX Effects

Guitars used:
Fender Jazz Bass MIM 94-95
PRS SE Custom 24 Ltd
Epiphone Goth SG
Jackson USA RR1
Gibson SG Special Faded



Modern Contrabass

Modern Viola

Modern Violin / Vintage Fiddle

Vintage Viola

Modern Cello / Modern Fiddle

Retro Violin