A way to use footswitch to activate solo function w/ more gain?

Started by keef, August 20, 2022, 03:44:35 PM

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I have an Artist MKI and was thinking about upgrading to the MKII.

What I really would like to do is have a straightforward way to have a separate footswitch connected to my GF-AC that when clicked would activate the new solo volume function, along with more gain (say a booster pedal activated)

Does anybody know of a way to do that? I have been researching and can only find ways to activate the solo function. But I would like to also activate a bit more gain along with the volume.

Thank you VERY much in advance.



I'm sure you can do that on the Mk1, in the Booster section, adjust the "SOLO LEVEL" to the amount of solo boost you want, and in the GAFC EXP1/FS1 set the assign for Booster to "SOLO on/off".

and don't forget to save the patch settings to your channel on the amp.
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Thanks for the response. I will check it out. Appreciate your help!


Quick follow-up. I now have an Artist MKII :)

What if your starting patch uses the booster fx slot already for its tone..I wouldn't be able to use that slot to boost volume and gain, since it's already used up.

Then I would like to hit a button and activate the solo level with some more overdrive. So I purchased a FS-6 pedal to go with my GFAC.
(Or hit one pedal for volume boost and the other for more gain...just not sure how to get more gain if the boost slot us already being used for thr amp tone itself.


You're kind of stuck there.  Not sure what your tone is but if the boost is just a clean boost to push the amp into more gain you could use a MOD block with the Compressor set with minimal compression and the level way up and use that as a boost, and save your Overdrive as your gain boost.  Other than that I could suggest grabbing a used SD-1 or DS-1 for around 35/40 bucks USD and put it in front of your Kat.  It loves those old school Boss drive pedals :)


If you have the latest firmware 2 update installed with the new Tone Studio or FxFloorBoard editor,
 there are plenty of Boost/SOLO options, the new SOLO EQ is a good one,
 a dedicated solo function with an EQ to sculpt the solo tone.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/