Every Saturday Night in Sierra Madre, CA

Started by tchgtr, June 25, 2022, 06:01:55 PM

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Hey Folks,
I play almost every Saturday night at a lovely little brewery in Sierra Madre,CA using my VG-8 with my 12-string Warr touch-guitar.
RT Rogers Brewing Co.
38 E. Montecito Ave. Sierra Madre 91024
7-10PM No Cover
This is a duo with Polly Klemmer on keyboards and vocals, and we play all kinds of stuff from popular artists and songs from the 40s to the 2000s. Our setlist includes music from The Beatles, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, The Pretenders, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Joel, Nat King Cole, Thomas Dolby, Queen, Buck Owens, Cindy Lauper, Blondie, and many, many others.
Cone on by...
Jim Wright - Warr Guitar and vocals
Tapped Gtr



Here is some video of the duo with drummer Dave Haddad, who I wish was with us every weekend, but the room is a bit small for his awesome talent.
This is all VG-8 on my guitar side....

Polly Klemmer and Jim Wright
RT Rogers Brewing Co.
38 E. Montecito Ave, Sierra Madre, CA
7-10 on Saturdays

Tapped Gtr


Sorry to say that tomorrow night will be my last night here for a while.
Polly has developed some serious health problems, and I need to take time off to take care of her.
I'm playing solo tomorrow night (with my VG-8), and will play an all Zappa last set, using the tracks from my videos as backing tracks.
My heartfelt thanks to everybody at RT Rogers for their support, and giving us so much stage time over the last few years.
Jim Wright
Tapped Gtr


All the best for Poly and yourself, hope things come right soon.
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Good luck. Hope Polly gets well soon