Positive Grid Spark Mini

Started by mooncaine, June 06, 2022, 06:07:03 AM

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Having my morning coffee, so maybe I'm not together yet, but first thing that grabbed my eye about NAMM news was the Positive Grid Spark Mini.

So naturally I want to discuss it with all you folks and find out what you think of it, would you do it, maybe you've got the earlier version, etc.

I'm liking the idea that it could be my all around general (personal) practice amp as well as being a Bluetooth speaker. Headphone out. Claims I can also use it as a recording interface. I'm loving these ideas. What do you think?


New Spark Mini Firmware increases the Headphone Output Level


Spark Mini FAQ


Spark firmware

Headphone and line-out volume for the guitar channel has been slightly increased. Please make sure to turn it down before plugging in your headphones and tweak it accordingly to ensure no hearing damage.
Minor bug fixes and tweaks.


With all the latrst firmware updates -i have to say I get a lot of use from the Spark Mini

Using it with my Android phone ( Galaxy S10+) but not required.

Yesterday I played for several hours never touching the Spark app on phone - just plug in and select one of 4 default sounds - I found the "Lead" channel retained more clarity and stereo delays at bedroom volume - just using my cheap $60 Triumph Strat (China) and retuned to open G tuning - discovered I could play lots of Stones, Zep, CCR songs and have a big tone that sounded just like the record

Another trick is just drop the A string to G , and makes many ZZ Top tunes easier - then return to open G  ( (DGDGBD ) grabbed a slide to work on my Sonny Landreth behind the bar hammer ons - had great warm tone and sustain as I research EBike Motor Controllers

I had tone that used to require a lot of $$$ and knowledge of tricks to accomplish - but never  in such a handy portable package - and this was just from the stock discount $215 Spark Mini on stock presets


Rear panel removed -theres room above battery to implement a Stereo Line Output

Here is a suitable replacement 3.5mm TRS jack
Jack PJ3053

Battery = 3000mAh GSP872693

Im going to upgrade to this battery

7000mAh GSP1029102A