Waza Air tones.

Started by Obsy, November 22, 2020, 09:33:20 PM

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Hey guys, here are a few tones I made. Not much sharing of patches going on so far, so I thought I'd put these up and hopefully some others might do the same.

One is a Hendrix style tone, one I use for John Mayer trio style blues type stuff, and the other was based on John Mayer's bold as love cover (continuum version). 

The Hendrix one I did as an attempt at little wing. I know he used to use a lot of fuzz and then dial back his guitar volume to clean it up. That is mainly how I use this one. Guitar volume at about 1/2 - 2/3.
I tried making it with fuzz, but just wouldn't clean up that well, blues breaker did the job more nicely. Have turned of the noise suppression for more sustain, but feel free to change it to suit your tastes.

These are the tones I use most as they seem to suit my style of playing.

It's a first attempt at doing anything like this for me, so be gentle!

Made them while using a mates strat, but seem to work well on my new Tele also.

(P.S. hopefully the upload works, let me know if it doesn't!)

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group Obsy!  :)


Beautiful Tones! Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the patch! There is really not much out there, I envy the Katana-Air Users as there are some really nice ready-to-go Patches for famous songs: http://bosstonecentral.com/liveset/katana-air/rock_legend_vol1/ etc. Probably impossible to convert easily to WAZA-AIR?


Thank you for sharing these, I particularly like the first Mayer one!


There is a WAZA air demo on you tube but The Studio Rats. It has a link to download some 6 tones which are decent