Started by Don Juan de Marco, August 04, 2010, 11:33:51 PM

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I just stirred up a couple of F.B groups which have had previous discussion on the BluCo GK wireless,

I asked the question that if there is no user discussion on the product, then I can only assume it is a failure ?

That might stir up a response from some of the device users.
Kind of odd that there has been a blanket silence from all the owners of the product.
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I agree the complete silence is rather odd
I so much wanted it to work


I sent a message to Rico, the guy from BluCoE. Here is his response:

"The product has been officially certified for CE, FCC and IC for a long time, so that's no problem. But it's a lot of work to produce manually and it's a low priority in my opinion because there's not much to be gained from it. I still make batches every now and then, but they quickly go up to people on the waiting list, so nothing for sale appears on the website."

You can join the waiting list and wait for your turn.


I received something in the mail today...

Batteries are still charging and I have a meeting this evening. But I will keep you posted.


Awesome! Can't wait to hear your analysis 😊

simon t


Looking forward to the review!


Batteries are charged. Time to plug it in! And.... it works!

The unit was sold to me with the comment: "It is still a prototype and there are some minor issues, which you can find here: Check if you can live with that, before you buy one."

So here is a quick first impression:
* Connection between sender and receiver is established within a second after switching on the sender. Almost instant.
* All signals, including the normal guitar pickup are sent through the unit.
* Noise is not too bad. But I don't do very high gain patches. Perfectly usable. Signals seem to have the same level as a connection through a GK cable.
* I do notice noise in the GK signals when using the GK volume or GK switches. With hi-gain patches, this is quite loud.
* I managed to hit the power switch on the GK Sender twice and accidently turn it off. So be careful when you sit down.
* The GK sender uses 18650 Li-ion batteries. These are a lot bigger than normal AA batteries and they are quite heavy. This does make the Sender a bit bulky, but it is OK.
* Latency: the wireless system adds 16 ms of latency. On my system this makes the total latency very noticable and it does make playing feel a bit disconnected. My signal chain: GKWS => SY-1000 => HX stomp => M-audio Profire 2626. When I plugged headphones straight into the HX stomp it was getting better.

I will do some more testing later. I may try it at church one day and see how it behaves in a room with 150 mobile phones.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to do any tests.


It sounds promising sixeight.
Since it's still in the prototype stage, does it sound like some of the latency and noise issues might still be getting refined?


Thanks for the initial update. Keep them coming


Any more info SixEight? Did you try it at Church? That sounds like quite a bit of latency to me.


Quote from: roachone on October 20, 2022, 07:06:28 PMAny more info SixEight? Did you try it at Church? That sounds like quite a bit of latency to me.

Not. I haven't had much time lately to work on this. Much going on in life currently and not a suitable moment yet to test this.