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Started by Machh_2, September 10, 2012, 05:48:11 AM

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I found this video by chance, I did not even know that it had launched a BOSS pedal triggered by GK, for those who enjoy working with wave forms and is quite interesting, and BOSS did not no a promotional video about ...

BOSS WP-20GK (wave processor)


Bill Ruppert


Seems like his hands spend more time on knobs and buttons than on the guitar. Looks like to much work for what he's getting sound wise. I suppose if they made it, it has a purpose.
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Quote. I suppose if they made it, it has a purpose.

Not necessarily so, - since they swiftly discontinued these pedals over 10 years ago.


Quote from: Mrchevy on September 10, 2012, 03:49:35 PM
Seems like his hands spend more time on knobs and buttons than on the guitar.

Regarding the wp20g001 demo, that did not appear to me to be the case; he was simply changing some settings to show what sounds are available and in that respect scarcely seemed to be any different from any of hundreds of demo videos I've watched.

I did not find the first demo all that helpful as a specifically WP-20g-oriented demo; it was more as though the guy was demonstrating his other pedals.

What I found most interesting was that the Square and Saw sounds seemed to have a very hexaphonic feeling to them.

Bill Ruppert

You are way better off buying a used VG-88 than that.
It was a VERY stripped down version of the basic VG-88.
Nothing different.


In theory it was a cool idea that they produced GK format stompboxes.

In practice, the sounds that came out seemed best for a tribute band for eight bit videogame music - really primitive although there was one hex distortion sound that might have been useful.

I'm thinking the 88/99 is a much better deal all the way around.
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I paid $90 for my WP-20g a few years ago, around the same time as VG-88's were going for around $400. I am not sure what VG-88's are going for now, but of the two I have, the cheaper one was about $250.

$90 is almost in impulse purchase, really. Even if I never use if for anything at all, it's not as though I have wasted a large sum of money.


Hi all. Any WP-20G owners here able to confirm if the poly ring mod mode can be set to intelligent mode using the knob, or if intelligent mode simply isn't available?