GR-55 Bass - End-of-summer GR-55 Bass Mode Patch Compilation Update

Started by A2theT, September 07, 2011, 08:50:42 AM

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We've grown from 6 to 53 !

Reminder - they can be found here:
Axe-Fx II, Roland VG-99 + FC-300, Roland GR-55, Digitech Jamman Stereo, Ibanez/ESP/Jackson Guitars


I was just thinking I suppose we are lucky to have common GR-55 that can boot up in either Bass or Guitar mode. Helps explain the large sales numbers since both guitarists and bass players are buying the same box.  Not too long ago, Roland would have created a Red "BR-55" just for Bass players. I'm thankful they decided to let us reboot into Bass mode


Gr55 patch request or help on doing it has anyone made a 4 string tuned down to low b,e,a,d on control