SY-300 or SY1000?

Started by C3PO, May 24, 2023, 06:24:46 PM

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I've had an SY-200 for a while now and like it a lot. But I'm wanting a bit more control especially over attack and decay settings. It would be great to have onboard reverb too.

I can't decide between the SY-300 or SY-1000. I don't need the amp modeling and alt tunings on the SY-1000. But the VIO Guitar looks cool. It seems like exactly what I'm looking for with attack and decay. But I can't find any sound samples of the VIO Guitar. Is it any good? Does anyone have any sound samples of just VIO?

If it weren't for the VIO Guitar, is the SY-300 just as good as the SY-1000 without GK pickups?

Kevin M

I believe the 1000 is the equivalent of 3 300's even w/o a GK pickup.  But, if you don't intend to use a GK pickup, you would be best just getting the 300.


For me, not counting the differences in functions and features, the SY-1000 synth sounds better to my ears.
The SY-300 synth tones seemed to have an underlying crossover distortion that is not initially obvious, but after a while you notice it like fingernails on chalkboard.
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