X-Crunch gain level not saving

Started by barrieoke, May 18, 2023, 02:53:30 AM

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I have a patch set up to work as a pedal board.
I want a clean sound, then a light crunch tone, then use the DS and OD to give me two different heavier sounds.
Amp 1 is set to a natural clean tone
Amp 2 set to x-crunch. it has defaulted to gain = 100 but this is giving to much of a distorted sound. When I drop the gain to around 65 the tone is what I'm looking for but it reverts back to 100 no matter what I do. I have written/saved the modified patch but it still reverts to 100.

It doesnt seem to be an issue with the patch as I can change the type of amp in amp 2 and save the gain settings, wondering if its something to do with the x-crunch model?

I'm sure there are other ways around achieving this tone but this seems like a blip unless i'm missing something?

Matthias K.

Sounds like the Gain value is assigned to something. Maybe you take a look in the assigns.


Does it do the same if the X-Crunch model is in Amp 1 ?
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Thanks for the replies, i will check these suggestions out tonight


Checked out last night... There was an assign on the expression pedal which put the gain down to 60 at min and 100 at max. Obviously as the pedal was set at max it reverted to 100 every time.

Good learning curve!

Thanks again for the help and advice