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Started by Antonuzzo, May 16, 2023, 02:53:22 AM

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I've been on the lookout for a GC-1 for a while, and I'm seeing a few listed on eBay. However, the ones that I've seen all have 21 frets and lack the 'Powered by Roland' marking on the headstock; on the Roland site, the GC-1 is shown with 22 frets.

Have there been different generations of GC-1s? Or are these different models that are being listed incorrectly?


You are seeing the far more numerous, longer production run  21 fret  "Fender "Roland Ready" Stratocaster"



"Most" of the GC-1 Strats share the exact same pickup and mainboard as the earlier Roland-Ready Strat.....and therefore have a GK2A system installed.....despite all you can read in period Roland literature that bangs on about the GC-1 and the GK3 system

About all you additionally get with "most" GC-1 Strats is one extra fret...and maybe a little less wear-and-tear due to a lower mileage.
Just saying.. ;)
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Thanks folks, I knew you'd have the answer! Annoying that people are listing those as GC-1s (and that extra fret would make a difference to me) but perhaps they don't know the difference themselves.


Just wait until the world relies on ChatGPT search results as a provider of "truth".

There remains 95% of the world who misunderstand the GK13 interface, and insist it is "MIDI"  and GK-3 is a MIDI PICKUP


Quote from: Antonuzzo on May 16, 2023, 05:18:34 AMbut perhaps they don't know the difference themselves.

...and there's people who can't tell the difference (or at least going by their advertisements) between a R-R, GC-1, VG(Strat), and a V-5.....and most of them manage to get the word "Midi" inserted somewhere in their description of whatever-it-is that they're trying to sell..  :-X  ::) 

Good luck in this crazy World...hope you can find what you're after eventually!

Read slower!!!   ....I'm typing as fast as I can...