Technical Problem with Looper Data Damaged on RC-600

Started by gmart, May 13, 2023, 07:18:18 AM

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a few days ago from one evening to the next morning my RC-600 does not start correctly anymore. At arround 1/3 way of the animated loadbar, it shows the message "LOOPER DATA DAMAGED". When I press "ENTER" and "EXIT" at the same time the RC-600 offers a "MEMORY+SYSTEM" factory reset. When I press "ENTER" to execute this, I get the message "STOP LOOPER". In the appendix of the manual I find the information that: "The operation is not possible during recording, playback, or overdubbing." But I am not recording, playing back or overdubbing. I am just starting the RC-600.

The RC-600 does not connect visually to the computer (no data drive), but I hear the classical sound  that I would expect when a device has been connected or disconnected (I have a Windows Surface Pro 9 with Windows 11).

When I try to connect the RC-600 to make an update, I have no problem. The RC-600 connects to the computer, I can see the small drive (D:), copy the files there and afterwards activate and finish the update process as described by BOSS. In fact I hoped to solve the problem by making this update but nothing changed. I still can't use the RC-600 anymore.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


Contact Boss/Roland support at your Backstage Pass where you registered your waranty


Hi Elantric,

thank you for the advice. I contacted them and they told me to send them my device. There is no chance to solve it for me. They have to solve it in their Service Center.

Best wishes and thank you again. :)