Axon AX 50 - which OS is the last to be used on a mac for the editor?

Started by midiViolin, May 10, 2023, 12:11:51 PM

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Hi, a new member here.
Bought years ago an Axon AX 50 and since then it was in the wardrobe  :-\ Yesterday took it out just to discover I should get a new power supply for it... Anyway, since me gonna use it soon (hopefully, and I can get also an AX100 for a reasonable price) I wonder which is the last macOS/OSX  to be used with the editor (in the moment got Catalina). Reading the post before mine it seems that for Pc Windows 10 is the answer.

Thanks in advance!


Well, though I saw on the other post for Windows that W7 and W10 64bit do functions this tutorial I found said: "mac version is not working on 64bit OSX So I'll try in the next days install a virtual machine and see what I can do, unless anyone has a better suggestion  ;)