VF-1 Patch Dump

Started by Hammerhands, April 03, 2023, 01:29:50 AM

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Here's a patch dump from my VF-1.

There's not a lot of good patches in there, and I'm not sure what most of them are!

I created these mostly for a guitar with humbuckers.

The first few, 3 through 8 and 11, are either trying to sound like a Super Reverb or a Super Reverb with a tube distortion unit.

Close and Close2 are close to the sound I wanted.

Thursday 3:00 was the time I had my guitar leasons.

T2 I think is the same as Thursday 3:00 except built with the Guitar 2 algorithm.

I seem to have named something Love Lydian, which is strange because I don't think I knew what Lydian was at the time, I barely know anything about it now.  Maybe I didn't create all these patches?

The ones I did write, if I did write them, are 3-29, 36, 37 and 44, the rest appear to be the default patches.