Headrush Prime Pedal board - with Antares Autotune

Started by admin, March 20, 2023, 05:30:21 PM

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Featuring an advanced multi-core processor with a huge library of on-board guitar FX, amp, cab and microphone emulations, smart amp/pedal cloning and IR loading, best-in-class looper, and a full suite of vocal FX (including the industry-standard Antares Auto-Tune), the HeadRush® Prime is the most powerful, versatile, and realistic-sounding floorboard FX processor ever. The high resolution and ultra-responsive 7-inch display enables you to touch, swipe, and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your rigs in an unprecedentedly easy-to-use way. Housed in a road-ready steel chassis, the Prime features 12 footswitches with individual RGB indicators and OLED scribble strip displays, built-in expression pedal with toe-switch, and is packed with all the input and output connections you need including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio connectivity. The HeadRush Prime is the ultimate tool ready for any home, rehearsal, stage, or studio session.
Multicore processor
Impulse responses: 300
AD/DA 24bit/ 96kHz
Footswitch: 12
Controls: Main, Phones, Aux, Drive, Tone, Level
Integrated expression pedal
Display: 7"
Input: 1x jack 6.3mm, 1x mic (XLR/jack combo) adjustable
Outputs: 2x jack, 2x XLR, Midi in/ out (5-pin DIN), FX Send/ Return, Ext Amp out, Expr., Toe, Hedphone, Aux, USB, mains connection
incl. power supply unit






Headrush Prime Guitar Multi-effect/Amp Modeler/Vocal Processor Unit Features:
All-encompassing guitar multi-effect, amp modeler, vocal processor, and audio interface all rolled into one, revolutionizing the rigs of solo performers and musicians who share guitar/vocal duties
Packed to the brim with exceptionally authentic-sounding amp, cabinet, and microphone models to choose from
Extensive array of guitar and vocal effects, including Antares Auto-Tune
Onboard amp/effect cloner allows you to make spot-on emulations of your favorite outboard amps, preamps, distortion pedals, overdrive pedals, and fuzz pedals
Gapless preset switching allows for reverb/delay spillover across preset swaps
Direct Wi-Fi connection to the Headrush Cloud provides an ever-expanding assortment of user-generated clones, easy preset sharing, and custom IRs
Wi-Fi streaming music practice feature allows you to slow down, modify the pitch, or loop sections of downloaded songs
Bluetooth functionality for connecting to a variety of different mobile devices
Cutting-edge custom-designed multicore DSP system, with gapless preset switching for seamless effect swaps
Robust steel chassis is more than capable of withstanding even the most challenging road conditions
Built-in expression pedal to take hands-free control of your favorite effects
12 footswitches with adjustable color LEDS and OLED scribble strip display screens allow you to fine-tune the Prime to your preferred workflow
Stereo effects loop is perfect for integrating your favorite hardware pedals into your rig while also allowing for 4 cable method connectivity


admin.Did you buy one to test out?  curious. Why does in music buy old tech companies and put them in 2023 gear? Can they not do in house modeling etc?


No I'm keeping my existing tools.

This one just seems incremental - and to be honest , playing live - it's far easier to land on great tone at any volume with most of today's tools from past 15 years  - in 2023, I haven't played this many live gigs since 1979 - for live gigs  I'm probably the most minimal guitarist on this forum, reliability and multiple levels of fall back when failure occurs mid show is more important to me.

Even "solo gigs" - I'd use the $$$ resources instead to polish my live act , hire a singer - work as a duo , instead of buying this years DSP Amp/FX Modeler ;)

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And instead of lusting after the next $1300 MFX box, its better time spent brushing up your skill set


Thank you for the reply. I cant believe the hype this thing is getting online from guys who got units free. And some guys on other forums are saying its amazing. I had the mx5 and it paled in comparison to fractal and helix tones and effects. So hard for me to imagine this prime unit will be that much better. They jumped on the cloning amp train pretty fast and released it in the wild pretty quickly which is a smart move but are vague on the diff in effects and tones to the "old" hr units.
Also when i see autotune my stomach turns as this has destroyed popular music. LOL.
They tossed alot in the prime for sure but hard to think that its "too much" stuff in one box and cant really be tops in all those things added: jack of all trades-master of none comes to mind


QuoteI cant believe the hype this thing is getting online from guys who got units free.

It's become the standard procedure with each new product release to generate excitement - for those who are programmed to believe This will be "THE FINAL TOOL" to succeed in music.


Quote from: admin on March 24, 2023, 11:52:54 AMIt's become the standard procedure with each new product release to generate excitement - for those who are programmed to believe This will be "THE FINAL TOOL" to succeed in music.

as well as adding capture to modelers it seems..no interest to me


The Vocal tools and pedal captures certainly can reduce some gear. Agree with the large amount of gigs as well as using exactly what you mentioned for great tones. I'm really happy with the old stero power amps to run through to make 'em' shine.


I think all the units implement Snapshots exactly as a response for patch changes delays.