wireless drum trigger?

Started by jdredfield, March 17, 2023, 12:20:53 PM

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I know a bunch of you guys a tech geniuses here so I have two questions:

1. Can a guitar wireless transmitter send a Roland drum trigger signal to a Roland Drum Brain and have it be successfully interpreted?

2. Is there any way to use a guitar wireless in leu of a cable for CTL 1 and 2 applications on Roland devices?

Appreciate any advice you have, Thanks!


Fishman Triple Play can be used to generate drum sound on a laptop and is wireless.

But it is quite difficult to generate a useful drum pattern from a guitar.


Use a standard Guitar wireless audio system, connect receiver into a USB class Compliant Audio interface to iPad/Mac/WinPC running Jam Origin MIDI GUITAR - TRIGGER soft synth Drum Samples


Thanks for the idea , pulled out a couple of cheap uhf wireless and slapped a trigger on the transmitter and it works like a champ!.... looks like I'm gonna have to trigger up a pair of boogie shoes! 8)
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