GR55 patches in SY-1000

Started by christiandubuc, February 18, 2023, 12:45:44 PM

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Hi everyone,

I know the Boss SY-1000 is totally different compared to the Roland GR-55 but was just curious to see if anyone have tried to recreate the GR55 patches on the SY-1000...



Hurdle #1

On SY-1000 There's no PCM ROM samples of real instruments , as found on GR-55


Apart from the PCM synth issue, the SY-1000 also has a different amp/effect architecture, so it would be difficult to convert amp sims and effects.
The only similarity is the GR-300 synth, and modeled instruments.
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Hello all,
Yes, SY-1000 is different architekture witout PCM generators, but I still trying set sound as GR55 patch GR300 Triplet.
Have somebody idea as create it? GR300, synth pad (dynamics synth), triple delay?

sound is here:

Thank you.


Sounds very much like the GR-300 model in the VG-99 using the Slicer algorithm. 
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I think this should be easy for SY-1000

I think the volume pulse could be done with a slicer, sqr tremolo, or sequenced.

Off hand, I'd mix a couple of DYN synth instruments with a GR-300 instrument.

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Thanks for ideas.
I will try at weekend and let you know my result.


First result of GR300 triplet patch from GR55 on SY1000.

CTL1 - Hold INST2 (Noise)
CTL2 - DS/PH for Normal input
EXP1 - INST2, INST3 - Pedal Bend
CTL5 - Patch/Manual
CTL6 - INST1,2,3 / Normal Input