Electromagnetic interference

Started by Neill_S, January 25, 2023, 02:55:03 PM

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I'm using a GT-001 in a fx send loop from a mixer to provide effects for my synths.  It works a treat and is considerably less expensive and more flexible than equivalent quality effect pedals. I use this because I have GT-100 for basses and guitars and I love it!
My problem is, the GT-001 gives off electromagnetic interference that is picked up by non-humbucking pickups on my guitars and basses. The instruments are good quality Fender, Warwick, PRS with their usually effective shielding (I know it's not impregnable but this is really noticeable).  Is this typical of the GT-001?  The GT-100 doesn't do this so I'm wondering, have I got a duffer?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences.