Recommend a 'Type A' USB > MIDI DIN cable?

Started by mooncaine, November 03, 2021, 07:55:58 PM

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Got a Virtual Jeff Pro on the way (very excited). I'm told I can use a 'Type A' USB > MIDI cable to get MIDI control data from it into a MIDI IN port.

Is this the right board to ask for recommendations? I see lots of choices, but I suspect there's a huge difference in quality among them. Grateful for your thoughts.


Roland UM-One mkii for sure.
Do not go getting a cheapy special, many simply are not up to it.
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The MIDX-20 put high requirements to the "cable".
Some were tested here:

I'd also go for a Roland UM One MKII.
It's up to 2-3 times more expensive than a few other cheaper that are also pretty good functionally wise but the the Roland build quality (plastic etc) is better.
It will last a lifetime assuming they keep on producing new USB Drivers for it.
That's the downside.
Most others don't require a specific driver.

But I got more gear than I need...and I like it!


Gum and Code, thanks! I ordered that one.

I appreciate that you point out it needs drivers!

When I ordered on Amazon, they had a bundle or two. I didn't get their bundle because I price-checked. One bundle included a single HOSA MIDI coupler, for 15.65 more US dollars... but a pair of the same couplers is $8.00 at the same site! I saved about 8 bucks by avoiding their bundle, and now I'll have a pair of midi couplers.