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Both  NU>X- MP-2 Mighty PLUG (Bluetooth) and  MIGHTY AIR Wireless Amp

Share same controls and same IOS/Android Control app with 100% same functions
NUX Mighty Air is a wireless stereo modelling guitar / bass amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app that can enhance your tone from your Android and iOS devices. It can serve you for bedroom practice, pre-show warming up, travel entertainment and more.

Key Features

2 x 2-inch speakers with a passive bass radiator
4 + 4 watt power
Rechargeable Internal Battery - Up to 18 hours playing time
Effects - Noise Gate, Touch Wah, Uni Vibe, Phaser, Tremolo, Boost, TS Drive, Bass TS, Fuzz, Chorus, ST Chorus,
Flanger, Analog Delay, Digital Delay, Tape Echo, Ping-Pong Delay, Spring Reverb, Hall Reverb, Plate Reverb, Room Reverb
Electric Guitar Amplifier Models - Twin Verb, JZ120, Tweed DLX, Plexi, Top Boost 30, Lead 100, Fireman, DIE VH4, Recto
Electric Guitar Amplifier Cabinets (Impulse Response) - V1960, A212, BS410, DR112, GB412, JZ120, TR212, V412
Acoustic Guitar Modelling for electric Guitar (Impulse Response) - G Humming Bird, G J15, M D45, G J200, G J45, TL 314, M HD28
Acoustic Guitar Simulator Amplifier Models - NUX Optima, NUX Stageman
Bass Guitar Amplifier Models - NUX Melvin Lee Davis, AGL
Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinets (Impulse Response) - BS410, AGL DB810, AMP SV810, MBK 410, TRC 410
Electric Guitar Channels - Clean, Overdrive, Distortion and Acoustic Guitar Simulator
Bass Guitar Channels - Pop, Rock and Funk

This video covers this


Preliminary review of NUX Mighty Plug MP-2

Not Bad.

Used a Strat and ATH-M50X Headphones

its a bit picky about the Bluetooth connect order
I'm on Android 9 ( LG V20 Phone)
I found it best to NOT pair the Bluetooth Audio yet.

1st launch the NUX Mighty App, and be sure the Mighty Plug is selected in the App's SETTINGS - and disable the ECO Mode ( which saves battery life) - else the app disconnects after a few minutes of inactivity)

This common NUX Mighty App also controls several other NUX products - but it will only connect to Mighty Plug MP-2 via BLE after you assign the MIGHTY PLUG as the "Current AMP" type)

Using the App, It can swiftly change from Guitar Mode to Bass Mode. I found the three Bass mode presets actually work well for Rhythm Guitar and the Funk Bass preset has an Auto touch wah for funky rhythm guitar.
I found the Mighty Plug's Guitar Mode 4 default tones were brittle  - too bright, no body, lacked warmth, but easily fixed by altering the "IR" Cab sim to one of the 4x12 models and hit SAVE

Many effects Are Stereo, and  there is no onboard Volume control - but its apparent there are 24 bits of dynamic range available.

Engaging the Drums worked well straight away  - the Drum engine is inside the Mighty Plug MP-2 hardware  - heard them in my headphones,

But after you have established the NUX Mighty App Edit Mode connection  - you can proceed to Pair the Bluetooth Audio between your Android / IOS device and the Mighty Plug MP-2 - you will see Two Blue status lights Glowing on the side of the Mighty Plug MP-2  - indicating both BLE and Bluetooth Audio are connected

Now you can use Backing JamTrack Music and hear this in your headphones as these are streamed from the internet

I also launched Youtube and successfully jammed along to Youtube Audio streamed via Bluetooth from my Android phone  - with all audio in my Mighty Plug connected Headphones

I also installed the ASIO USB Audio driver and in REAPER the MIGHTY PLUG appears as a NUX Stereo 1/2 INPUT /  Stereo 1/2 Output Audio device

I recorded clean 24 bit @ 48kHz stereo audio via USB cable from Mighty Plug MP-2 into my Reaper DAW on my Windows laptop.
Note only the Guitar with its stereo FX are output via USB Audio -= No Drums , No Backing Tracks, No Bluetooth Audio
I wish the effects chain order could be swapped ( all effects are fixed locations )
- and in Guitar MODE there are 4 presets - swiftly selected in 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 order using the top momentary switch on the Mighty Plug MP-2 .

1# CLEAN  - which is restricted to 3 amp models : Twin Reverb, JC-120, Tweed Deluxe

2# OD - which is restricted to 3 amp models: Marshall Plexi, Vox AC30 Top Boost, Marshall Lead 100

3# DIST - which is restricted to 3 amp models:Freeman, Diezel VH4, Mesa Rectifier

4# AC SIM -which is restricted to 2 NUX Acoustic Sim models: Optima, Stageman

In Bass mode there are 3 presets , which all are restricted to Melvin L Davis, AGL

But there are lots of built in IR Cab choices in both modes  and several are very good, and this makes all the difference in this being a tool vs a toy 
( no third party CAB IR file support)

Deep Dive

I have the NUX Mighty PLUG and NUX Mighty AIR -

The NUX Mighty AIR provides a lot of joy and has a stronger Internal Headphone Amplifier = louder cleaner for headphone use

And it includes the B-5RC wireless system with an optional Low Pass Filter cable simulator.

The small Black knob for DRUM Volume also controls the Bluetooth Audio

Both have their uses - but I can see myself using the Mighty Air more at home for practice - and Mighty Plug for travel trips

all notes about Mighty Plug apply to Mighty AIR - both use same DSP

Preliminary review of NUX Mighty Plug MP-2

NUX Mighty Air
Wireless Stereo Modelling Amplifier (with free B-5 Wireless Transmitter System)


Bluetooth version: 4.2
2 x 2-inch speakers
4-watt x 2 output power
18 hours playing time
Rechargeable long-life battery
Dimension: 186 (L) x 91 (W) x 98 (H) mm
Weight: 780g
Included accessories: User manual, USB charging cable
NUX Mighty Air is a wireless stereo modelling guitar / bass amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app to enhance your tone from your mobile devices.

It can serve you for bedroom practice, pre-show warming up, travel entertainment and more.

1 Amplifier, 2 Modes, 7 Channels

13 Amps + 20 IRs + 19 Effects

Stereo-wide sound field with tight low-end response

Equipped with a unique speaker system, 2.2-inch custom speakers with a passive bass radiator, Mighty Air can work perfectly with both electric guitar and bass.

Quick-Play Wireless Versatility

Mighty Air comes with the NUX wireless transmitter, and sets the new standard for practice amplifiers with its complete wireless* versatility.

The included transmitter and onboard receiver wireless system can work well with any guitar/bass, active pickups or passive pickups.

Mighty AMP Mobile App

Mighty Air's Bluetooth can do more than just audio playback. You can also control the amplifier with the Mighty AMP mobile application.

There are loads of pre-amp models and guitar cabinet IRs and effects available with FREE Mighty AMP app (available on App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). And the best part is that you can save all the changes you made to a channel for further use.

True Simulation of Analog Circuit (TS/AC) HD Modelling

NUX TS/AC HD Modelling technology provides the BEST musical sound to all musicians. Playing guitar or bass, you will get the high-quality and very characteristic sounds, and even the signature sounds with the NUX TS/AC High Definition modelling technology.

User Friendly Music Player

It also comes with 9 built-in EQ presets that you can be handy in some cases. Let's say that if you want to play along with a new song and you cannot find its backing track, use preset Guitar Cut will eliminate the guitar signal automatically.

Up to 18 Hours Playing Time

It's time to wave goodbye to the AA-size batteries, a high-performance rechargeable battery is built into this amplifier that can provide up to 18 hours of continuous playing time on a single charge.

Deep Dive


In this video, I give a quick demo of the brand new @NUX EFX & Amplifier Mighty Air Wireless Practice Amplifier. This is the latest in the Mighty Series that includes stereo speakers, up to 18 hours of play time on a single charge, Bluetooth, and now wireless audio by making use of the same technology found in the B-5RC. Connecting it up is simple and painless and the transmitter includes a mute switch to connect it to your guitar without noise.

There are several fx, amps, and impulse responses included in the amp that support electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass.   

Buy it here

Before using the amp, I suggest grabbing the free Mighty Amp App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It's a free app and connects to the amp via Bluetooth.

As far as navigating and using the Mighty Amp App, you can watch the more recent Mighty Amp videos I've done and that will take you through the app extensively.

The MP-2 Mighty Plug



BIG NEWS for  NUX Mighty AIR Amp owners
NUX Mighty AIR Firmware Update V1.4.3

- they have now enabled the USB-C 2 IN / 2 OUT AUDIO interface, and there is an ASIO USB Driver too

and other bug fixes

now incorporates  all other NUX Mighty Plug features


Dr Tadpole

I recently got my Mighty Air. What to say... It's a super fun little practice amp. No need for power or cable, so always ready to play. After some tweaking I was able to get some good tone.

It is not that bad also as audio interface. Attached you find a short solo over a backing track, recorded with Audacity.


Version: 20211008

FW V2.2

1.Change: 7 Preset Slots with Share function
2.Change: EFX: Touch Wah, U-Vibe, Tremolo, PH 100, ST Singer, T Screamer, Katana, 3 Band EQ, Muff Fuzz, Crunch Box, Red Dirt, Morning Drive, Dist One, Rose Comp
3.Change: TSAC-HD White-Box algorithm Amp Model: Jazz Clean, Deluxe Rvb, Twin Rvb, Class A30, Brit 800, 1987 x 50, Fireman HBE, Dual Rect, DIE VH4, AGL, Starlift, MLD, Stageman
4.Change: IR:1960A, A212, BS410, DR112, GB412, JZ120, TR212, V412, AGL_DB810, AMP_SV810, MKB_410, TRC_410, G HBird EG Mag, G J15 EG Mag, M D45 EG Mag, GJ200 EG Mag, G J45 EG Mag, T 314 EG Mag, M HD28 EG Mag
5.Change: Mod: PH 100, CE-1, ST Chorus, SCF, U-Vibe, Tremolo
6.Change: Delay: Analog, Digital, Mod Delay, Ping Pong
7.Change: Reverb: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring (Stereo)
8.Change:  TAP button: RED means Drum machine. Hold the TAP button to change to BLUE indicator, it becomes to Tap Tempo for Delay. (In the meantime, DLY/RVB knob controls Mix of Delay.) Hold the TAP button again to change to ORANGE indicator. (In the meantime, DLY/RVB knob controls Level of Reverb.)
9.Fix: Delay Tap Tempo sync error
10.Change: USB Audio Stream stability