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Started by njs159, May 25, 2019, 12:25:31 AM

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Hi guys,

Just started out in the world of MIDI guitars/synths and appreciate the help I've gotten so far!! So I managed to try out a Yamaha G10 and love it, however my setup uses 5 pin MIDI cables rather than the 13 pin one the Yamaha one runs on. My question is, is it a viable option to remove the 13 pin female connector on the guitar with a 5 pin MIDI one?

Thanks for the help!!


And the short version:

13-pin is NOT MIDI.
you can!t just replace the connector.
You need a specialist processor to convert 13-pin to MIDI, such as:
Roland GR55, GR33, GR30, GI10, GI20, GR50 snd others.
Axon AX100, AX50.
Yamaha G50.
Some have sounds built in. Some do not.
Tonelab, VG99, Axon AX100, EDP, Repeater
Godin, PRS, Crafter and Roland guitars
Center Point Stereo Spacestation V3


Much appreciated guys!! I just so happen to own a GR-55!!


The Yamaha G10 is a guitar shaped controller that does not require reading pitch to convert notes played into Midi.  The all same guage strings are constantly measured electronically to determine what notes are being played. The technology was developed to eliminate the problem of latency.

The cable coming from the G10 has to be connected to a G10C unit that takes two rack spaces.  This is where the conversion to Midi takes place.  The Midi is output through the Midi port in the back.

The cable is unique to the G10 and I love it because it locks securely at both ends of the cable.  If you buy the G10 controller, make sure you get the special cable and the G10C controller box too because the G10 will not work without them.

THe Yamaha G50 is a one rack space box that connects to a GK2a or GK3 mounted on a guitar.  The box sends out midi note messages.  THe G50 has no sounds of its own.

The earlier GR50 from Roland did have a synth sound engine borrowed from the Roland D20 which is a paired down Roland D50.  Very hard to program.  I took mine back to the shop I bought it from within a few days because I was so frustrated by it.