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Started by admin, May 07, 2018, 11:22:12 AM

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"Glenn Davies  wrote" ·

Hey All - been using the GT-1000 for a year and love it. Thought I'd post this tip in case there are others like me that haven't figured it out. When working out a guitar part I usually download the mp3 or video into transcription software then loop sections, slow it down etc until I can play the part. But it is very annoying to have to keep on using the keyboard and mouse to rewind, loop, start/stop etc, I'd rather keep my hands on the guitar. You can setup a patch and have the footswitches send midi commands to the transcription package. I use Transcribe by and it can accept midi and assign to pretty much any command. So I setup rewind, fast forward, play/pause and set loop points on the footswitches. Now I can work out a guitar part without having to fiddle around with the keyboard and mouse all the time. If your transcription software doesn't accept midi you can install something like It will accept the midi from GT-1000 and convert to virtual keyboard presses which you can map to rewind, loop, play/pause etc in your transcription software. Even works with youtube videos although I couldn't figure out how to set loop points with the default youtube player. There are other sites that let you loop sections of a youtube vid so you can use their player. Can't believe I have been using GT-1000 for a year and didn't realise it could do this!