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Started by Elantric, April 14, 2016, 12:15:58 AM

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I hate Gibson fret end nibs, they reduce the available fret area under the string

anyway . . .





Quote from: admin on March 11, 2022, 11:27:31 AM
The digial caliper video:
He's incorrect when he says the more expensive calipers 'retain their position' when turned off. They use more efficient components and are never off. The power switch just turns the display on and off, the one I have doesn't have a power switch, it turns off the display on a timeout. The cell lasts a little over a year. Their little brains are still feverishly measuring all the time.

The cheap ones are more 'off' when switched off. Since it's a conductive rubber momentary switch on all of them, it looks as though the cheaper ones are in a brainless sleep mode when 'switched off'.

Two things not mentioned:-

Repeatability and keeping count with fast moves. With costly calipers it makes no difference how fast you move it from zero to maximum length and back again, the £9 ones will tend to lose count and not return to zero.

The Mitutoyo (at least, the one I have) is coolant proof. Lathes and mills are filthy wet machines, in that environment it's good to know your calipers won't drown.

I have the £200 Mitutoyo one and a couple of the £9 supermarket ones. I use the former where real accuracy is wanted and the latter as a handy way of 'estimating to a fair degree the size of things'. My eyesight is pretty crap, so any high contrast display digital way of measuring things is better than squinting at a tape measure or ruler.