Line 6 VDI Interface

Started by Elantric, January 30, 2015, 09:31:21 AM

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I just ask for a full Vdi solution. on Line6 Ideas.. let's hope (don't be anxious, Chistian, I voted for your idea too, of course).

Let's go, friends !


I had almost given up on this until I came across WiDi and thought I'd
Check back here to see if there was any progress- this is very promising. I am going to set up a test rig to see if I can attack the AES piece which seemed to be the last piece of the puzzle. My thinking is that AES does a 'handshake' at the start to synchronise the clocks. I'm wondering if helix gets a valid aes handshake on the vdi port it will enable the MIDI signal. Then it might be possible to do a hybrid wireless audio/Widi dongle. I'll feedback my results but was hoping someone here might have already tried something similar?